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Chile Cream Cheese Sourdough

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Chile Cream Cheese Sourdough

We had charro beans (using Anasazi beans) on the menu and some cream cheese in the fridge we needed to use.  I came up with a "Chile Cream Cheese" sourdough to soak up some of the beans.  

I ran across this recipe: and used it for inspiration, although I scaled it down for one loaf, added in the suggested whole wheat, and used a different mix of herbs and spices as well as altering the time scale.  

I replaced the rosemary and black pepper in the original with dried Hatch chiles and chipotle powder.  

The results were a very soft textured (due to the cream cheese addition) bread with a great chile aroma (not a lot of chile flavor, I'd bump it up significantly if I tried it again) that was perfect for dunking in the beans. In the formula below I just put a gram each of the seasonings, more of a reminder they are in there than a precise measure.  I used about a tablespoon of dried Hatch chile flakes and oregano and a teaspoon of chipotle powder.


Chile Cream Cheese Sourdough
formulatotal dough
 weight    bakers % 
starter (1:1)75 flour438100% 
flour400 water33877%HYDRATION
water300 salt81.8% 
f+w700 ADD INS:   
salt8 chipotle pepper (dry spice)1  
total783 cream cheese30  
   dried hatch chile1  
Flours %prefermented flour389% 
total flour400      
METHOD: Notes   
refresh starter ~8 hours before mixing Original formula here:
mix flour and water, autolyse 60-180 minutes, mix in remaining ingredients, knead in bowl, transfer to cambro Timing: autolyse at 0730; mix at 0930 (used kitchenaid to mix in cream cheese; s&f at 1000, 1030, 1100, 1130; BF until 1600; shape, let rise until 1700; bake, cool and done at 1800
stretch and fold in 30 minute intervals for 2 hours, then bulf ferment until increased 30-40%  
shape into batard, rise 1 hour  
bake at 475, 20 minutes covered, 15 minutes uncovered