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Zoji SD: FLAS/CLAS Basic 100% Lean Whole Wheat Loaf

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Zoji SD: FLAS/CLAS Basic 100% Lean Whole Wheat Loaf

Recipe for 100% whole wheat lean loaf  (made in this 2000ml Pullman pan)

[For the same bread but using the thermophilic sourdough (TH-SD) see recipe here .]

Note the clas loaf weighs about 75 gr more the flas loaf.


Refer to and carefully follow the procedure in Yippee's recipe  Simple 100% Whole Wheat with CLAS using the Zojirushi Bread Machine with dual paddles.

Total Flour: 475 gr freshly ground flour

     455 gr hard red wheat berries

     20 gr wheat malt berries


1. Grind all berries into a fine flour and sift.

  • coarse particles are ground for 35 sec in a coffee/spice mill;
  • they are added back to the fresh flour


2 Add flour to Zoji kneading pan; then pour

     90 gr liquid flas and 290 gr water (room temp) over flour and knead 10 min.  

     [If using clas, pour the mixture of 120 gr clas with the added 334 gr water (both at room temp) over the 475 gr flour (455 gr ww and 20 gr wh malt) in the Zoji mixing pan.]


3.  After 10 min, sprinkle

     8-9 gr salt and 1/2 tsp SAF dry yeast over the dough.


4 Knead for 20 min more.  Check dough development pictures in Simple 100% Whole Wheat with CLAS.

The warm temp of freshly milled flour and the extended kneading above should bring the dough temp to around 28C.  If it is slightly less than 28C after the 30 min  kneading, then the dough will be warmed during the rise through a temp controlled heat source. 




5 Let Dough Rise at 29C for 1h 40 min - 2 h. Use poke test to check dough (almost doubled).


3 Ways for Controlling Temp:

  1. Salton yogurt tub with a temp controller set at 29.5C
  2. Let dough remain in the Zojirushi (Setting-off; lid closed.) for the rise at 28-30C. You may need to monitor this. (Do not use Preheat setting-temp may fluctuate too high.) 
  3. Brod and Taylor proofer set at 29-31C.


Note the nice bubbles formed by the end of rise:




6.  Shape the dough and place in your own pullman loaf pan, lined with parchment paper.

      Place entire pan in a plastic bag.

     Proof at 31C for 45-60 min.

      Check with poke test.



7 Paint the surface of loaf with mixture of

     1/2 t dry powdered milk and 1/2 t milk

     This will help moisten the loaf for oven spring and brown the loaf.

     Slash the top lightly (to prevent a hollow top during bake).



8 Bake in the Zojirushi bread machine. In place of the Zoji pan, prop your own pan on a small inserted rack.

     Zojirushi Bread Machine is programmed for 10 min Preheat followed by 70 min Bake.

     Test for internal temp after 45-50 min. The final temp on the loaf below was 206F after 50 min (you may prefer 202F).  Cool 6-12 hours.





 Quick Reference Recipe Card






How to Sift without Flying Flour!! (the mesh is 20 holes/inch)




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Very nice loaf.  Also, very ingenious baking in a bread machine but using your own bread pan, cool idea.


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Dear Benny,

Thank you for your kind words. I have just loved being at tfl and learning from all!


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I like the idea of using malt to lighten a whole-grain loaf!


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Dear Yippee,

I have a lot of things to sort out with my clas/flas bakes. After my jar of flas is ready tomorrow, I am going to see it I can get a quick clas.

I saw a comment in one of the rusbrot files. I hope to change half the flas into little ice cubes each of which that I can use to make a really quick fresh batch of clas as needed. If it works, I will discontinue freezing 120 g clas portions. The fresh batches won't have the flour degradation that must be occurring as I take it from frozen and thaw it.  You must wonder why I don't just make the 24 hr clas from scratch! I get a whim to bake and often I have to stay up really late for it.

I also got interested in other rusbrot methods, namely, his thermophilic sd (for Lactobacillis delbrueckii). There is also an article here by another author. I am going to start a batch on Wed. Hopefully, I can find a suggested amount that is equivalent to 120g clas/80g flas. I want to see what flavors come out without going through  a really intricate baking process. Have you read about these also?

It's great to have found this path of sds!!  Thanks and thanks again !^100 -math exponent :)

PS My azure order comes in 2.5 weeks! I am so excited!!



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I'm glad you're having fun! 

I made one rye bread with thermophilic sourdough

It's very complicated, but good experience. Try different methods to find the one you like best. BTW, the crumb looks great!

What did you order from Azure?



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Hi Yippee,

I remember seeing and reading your  Latvian rye bread and was overwhelmed.

I know Rusbrot 's warning (don't do it!!) is directed to me because I am so new to all his advanced methods. 

Thank you again for the links. I love the nice finger indents in the rye bread and the color is neat too. Are you a rye fan now?

My order from azure: buckwheat-2 kinds , 50# white organic hard wheat berries ( I still have  red ones) and 25# organic garbanzo beans (we eat hummus every breakfast). I saw your black barley and wondered what you were going to use it for. I didn't see any malt berries at azure. Mine are from a brew shop in San Jose. Any recommendations? 

Guess what- My sister is now a "customer" for bread (non-paying)!!  If I didn't have these fast methods I wouldn't have tried supplying her (So cal). It is fun! 

BTW- do you know of an add-in that matches fresh chestnut chunks?

Hope you are doing well!


Oh I forgot-did you make your thermophilic with the red fermented malt? There is video showing 250 g of thermophilic for 950 gr flour.

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I'd pair it with 

Dried lily and lotus seeds, maybe some azuki red beans, all softened by pressure steaming, for sweet bread


Shiitake mushroom, ginger, and fried shallots for savory bread

More on the other stuff later


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Thank you for the suggestions! I just happen to have a bit of anko (紅豆沙) that I need to use up.

My thermophilic  (24h) starts tonight. I am going to try it on a simple recipe as in the previous link.