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20230119 100% whole wheat-rye-durum egg noodles with CLAS

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20230119 100% whole wheat-rye-durum egg noodles with CLAS


Please see here and here to learn more about concentrated lactic acid sourdough (CLAS).



This one is for fun. See my spelt noodle and soba posts for more details. 





4% whole durum flour from whole durum CLAS 

8% whole rye flour from whole rye CLAS 

68% fresh whole wheat flour

20% fresh whole durum flour


6% water from whole durum CLAS 

15% water from whole rye CLAS 

28% whole egg (1)


1.5% salt 









Use lye water in half of the dough but find little difference in texture, maybe because the dough has sourdough.




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Stir fry on broth noodles- so great for a lunch.  I also love having a piece of grilled mackerel too!!

Is 12-13% on the clas flour about the ballpark you are working with?

49% hydration?

It must be a delight to be able to choose from the racks and racks of noodles hanging around to select for one's bowl. Such service at your house!!