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20230119 100% whole buckwheat (soba) noodles with CLAS

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20230119 100% whole buckwheat (soba) noodles with CLAS


Please see here and here to learn more about concentrated lactic acid sourdough (CLAS). 




Inspired by Jo_en's post, I've started making 100% wholegrain noodles with CLAS and various grains. Buckwheat (soba) noodles are the easiest to make - the dough has no gluten, so running it back and forth in the pasta maker is unnecessary. The key is to make it fast - the longer it takes to run the dough through the pasta maker, the more likely it is to crack.

My noodle-making experience is limited to making spaghetti twice. If I can make 100% whole buckwheat noodles with CLAS in less than 30 minutes, so can you. The entire process is indeed as simple as 1-2-3! Let me show you the magic of CLAS again! 

I've made buckwheat noodles with water or a whole egg as the liquid. Both work just as well with CLAS, but more flour is usually needed when using whole eggs because it determines how much flour I must add to mix the dough to the right consistency. If I don't use egg as the liquid, I can use less flour and add water accordingly.

Ideally, I would substitute hulled buckwheat groats for a smoother texture, but the whole buckwheat is all I have.




Soba noodles with water





13% whole buckwheat flour from whole buckwheat CLAS 👇👇👇

25% water from whole buckwheat CLAS 

87% fresh whole buckwheat flour, ground by Vitamix

season the dough to taste

I use

3% shaved bonito, ground with the whole buckwheat

2% Kirkland no-salt spice mix, ground with the whole buckwheat




24% water







This is probably the easiest dough I've ever mixed! As you drizzle the water into the dough, keep feeling the dough and imagining how well it will pass through the pasta maker. 



dough texture when done mixing






not sticky at all



Total dough weight ~ 200g



Divide into 4 x 50g dough balls 







No rest; start rolling immediately after mixing.





pasta roller #1 x 1


halve the dough






pasta roller #2 x 2

pasta roller #3 x 1

                                      fettuccine cutter x 1             You see, all done within 30 minutes by a newbie! It certainly doesn't take ten years of training to master making 100% soba noodles as some people have claimed! 


Place the noodles between parchment paper before boiling them.

                   CookHave three pots ready: #1. with water, oil, and seasoning (to taste) to boil the noodles for 2 minutes
   #2. place a strainer inside and pour the contents of pot #1 here. Use this pot alternately with pot #1 to cook the noodles.  #3. with ice water. Take the strainer out of pot #2 and put it here to cool the noodles. 
 soba noodles made with flour and water
  soba noodles made with flour and egg  Soba noodles with bonito kombu broth
  A simple dinner. 

👉👉👉How to make whole-buckwheat CLAS


 ground barley malt: 25g

 Whole grain buckwheat flour: 75g

 Water T. 45°C: 180 ml

 Vinegar (5% acidity): 10 ml

 Fermentation temperature: 40°C±2°C

 Fermentation time: 24-36h

 Hydration: 190%

 End pH: around 4


To refresh buckwheat CLAS

1:9 (buckwheat flour in CLAS: new buckwheat flour), no vinegar needed

190% hydration @ 40°C±2°C x 12 hours


I set up a water bath (~low 40s C) in the Instant Pot, support the container with a trivet, and use the Instant Pot's yogurt feature to make CLAS:   



Then cover it with the lid.



Bye-bye, pH meter!




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What a great project to take on Yippee, I haven’t made any kind of noodles or pasta so I’m always impressed when others do.  Both the soup and the tofu dishes look delicious.


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Try clas (and flas) !!! It takes you through all kinds of experiments. :)

Cold noodles are fun and quick with just distilled vinegar, wasabi paste (green tube), soy sauce and sesame oil.

You could dress it up with nice dishes, but I rarely do because the first 3 minutes of fresh pasta count!!

jo_en's picture


I can't believe your percentages!!! 

I will try this tomorrow. I never thought I could get past 35% soba.  My clas was just made today!

Thank you for writing up your technique.. and in the Zoji too!!

About how many minutes did you mix the noodles-8 min?

My dill cheese clas loaf just came out of the Zoji - I let it go 5 degr too high reading this post!

No browned tops in the Zoji but baking in it is so easy :).  Clas is fun!!

Yippee's picture

Jo_en and Benny,

Wishing you and your loved ones good health and happiness in the Year of Rabbit!

I always envy people like you two who are so skilled at making 餃子, 包子, 蔥油餅 and 粽子 because I don't think I'll ever be that good at it,  but I'll make it a New Year's resolution to improve in those areas!


Benito's picture

Happy Year of the Rabbit to you too Yippee.  You are so skilled and creative yourself, nothing to be envious of whatsoever.


Yippee's picture

It's short, I'd say less than 10 minutes, as long as you achieve the texture shown.


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Hi Yippee,

For some time , I have not been able to get the whole buckwheat product like you have and grind it myself .

So, a couple of days ago,  I used the (whole) packaged ground buckwheat flour by Arrow head Mills.

It behaved differently and would not hold together like yours, after I took it out of the Zoji mixer.

I pressed together 2 oblongs and put them in the refrig since I had to do other things.

A day after I mixed with ww, half half, made 4 oblongs and put them in the refrig. (ran out of time again!)

Today I cut (#4 fettucine) and boiled them and it was good!. So I am progressing-not 100% but up from 35% to 50%.

Thanks again for your method and technique- it proved so helpful!!  The mixing doesn't have to be done by hand. Isn't it amazing?!

Yippee's picture

Get the whole-grain bw from Azure and try again! Foolproof!


jo_en's picture

Hi Yippee,

I just looked up the company. The prices are very good and there is no delivery if you have a local volunteer who distributes the goods. Mine is pretty close. I just may give it a try.