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SD Sandwich Bread

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SD Sandwich Bread

I know this was posted before, BUT for those that like sandwich bread leavened with SD this is a must tryTHIS FORMULA & METHOD by TX Farmer is nothing short of extraordinary. Really wished I knew what became of her.

Only 800g TDW was used to bake a large USA Pullman Pan. The slices are light and airy. The flavor is complex and has only the slightest hint of any sour flavor. The bite and texture is soft.

The slices are so tall they won’t fit in a standard toaster either upright or sideways.

Definitely a dough for the mixer. Simple to make IF the dough is mixed to intense development.


Update about me -
A little over a year ago Hurricane Ida paid us a visit. We were out of electricity for 3 weeks or so and during that time and for months thereafter out routine was disrupted. I got out of the habit of baking experimental breads and since that time have continued to make bread on an as need basis. Home baked bread is the only bread I eat. My passion is now directed towards crappie fishing (Sac-a-Lait).

Wishing all my friends well. Will drop by from time to time.


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Good to see you, mon ami.

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Glad to see you back. The hurricane disrupted so many. It is sad to see how many people are living in terrible conditions even after all this time. My brother in law is in Laplace and they just got their windows installed. There are folks living in terrible conditions in their area. 

Your Tx Farmer reference is always appreciated !! I use her formulas as well. It's amazing that it is only 800g !!! Airy is right. Need to tie a weight to the pan :) Good to "see " you Dan

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I've missed you. I've got to try this bread.

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Glad to see you back Dan!  Hope all is well and enjoy those crappies!  Hard to beat fresh, pan fried crappie. 👍

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Good to see you back in the saddle. Thanks for your work digging through the @txfarmer archive. She was an accomplished baker and gracious in her sharing. Her shredible brioche-like white loaf formula you posted a while back is in my permanent list of breads to bake occasionally. Will definitely try this on YOUR recommendation. I’ll report back eventually. Good luck with the crappie.

Best wishes,


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Every time txfarmer is mentioned, I have to put in a vote for her whole wheat sandwich loaves, which are excellent and simple to make. 

Also love her English muffins, laminated sandwich loaf, and pumpkin rye rolls.

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Which do you prefer?

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But I’ve made the one with oatmeal the most often. I scale it (in line with Txfarmer’s suggestion) for a 13x4 Pullman pan.

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Mini Oven

my Siemen's kitchen processor/machine, I come out with fluffy bread, even for only a minute.  Getting embarrassing with the crusty loaves.  But the dough quickly gets a windowpane using the dough hook.  I still don't like the clean up.  I need to learn more about the limits of this food processor other than keeping to under 500g of flour.

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We certainly missed seeing your bakes around here and glad you’re doing okay.



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Danny ,  glad to have you back.  

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 a mess of crappie filets for a fish fry. Glad to see you’re still around and enjoying catching some fish. I am still chasing trout with a fly but releasing them of course. Like you just baking bread at a subsistence level. Your loaf looks great and the rise from only 800 TDW is amazing. Retirement is the best. So much to do so little time to do it all. 
Happy fishing and baking