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Eric Hanner

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Eric Hanner

Hello everyone of the Fresh Loaf! I am the daughter of the late Eric Hanner. I come to understand he was a beloved person of this community and I remember he was always so excited to start new projects and help people any way he could. I miss him very much… that being said, I would love to hear any/all stories or favorite bookmark recipes you like! 

 Thank you for being good to him, he loved you for it.


Gabrielle Hanner

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Hi, Gabrielle.

I didn't arrive on the scene until 2019, but his name and formulas are still mentioned.

Here are 2 search links to see all the posts/comments where he posted or where he was mentioned by name or username.  I hope this can get you started. 

"eric hanner":


The 2nd link brings up about 2282 posts. :-)

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A thousand thanks for those links! It’s really something to see his personality come through. Cheers, friend!

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Hi Gabrielle, it is a pleasure to meet you! Yes, your father was quite active here.

It sounds silly but even on a bread forum there are occasional arguments and conflicts. Your dad probably kept a better eye on the tone and direction that threads were heading that anyone else here for a number of years. He would PM me letting me know when he saw things taking a turn for the worse in a discussion. Often times he would already be in touch with one or the other of the parties involved and be working on trying to smooth any ruffled feathers.

I get a lot of credit from community members here for running a kind and generous forum board. It is certainly something I strive for, but it is only possible because folks like your dad stepped up and really committed to making that happen. I will always be grateful to him for that. 

As far as recipes go,  Eric's Fav Rye is the first one that comes to mind. We even did a community bake of it when he passed.

I hope you and the rest of your family are all doing well. I appreciate you taking the time to join us and help us recall some good memories of your dad.



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Your father is much missed here on TFL, too, though none of us would try to compare our loss to yours.  He was curious, generous, innovative, sensitive, sensible, and always kind.  How could we not appreciate someone with those qualities?

Many of us make “Eric's Fav Rye”.  It's still one of my favorite light deli rye breads.  Mark Sinclair (mcs) of Sinclair's Bakery in Bozeman, MT, bakes a variation of this bread regularly. 

Do poke around here.  You’ll find your Dad's fingerprints on a lot of things.  I hope they bring you joy to balance your grief.  


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Several years ago I hosted a deli-rye bread Community Bake on TFL.  Paul suggested that I include Eric's rye bread formula.  Indeed I did.  I came on the TFL scene not long after your father's untimely passing. Taking Paul's lead, I did some background "research" into some of his posts and comments, as well as who he was outside of TFL.

With the new understanding of how much Eric was liked and respected on this site I dedicated the Community Bake to his memory as it was first posted on the 8th anniversary of his passing.


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Here's another search that I thought might interest you, that contains "ehanner" and "my" and "daughter":

I realize some will refer to your sister.

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Hi Gabrielle, just like Dave I only arrived here in 2019 so didn’t know your father.  However, Eric Favorite Rye was my introduction to his baking and his recipe became my favorite deli style rye bread and I’m sure a favorite of many other bakers so we have him to thank for this and many other recipes.  I’m sure I would have loved to have known him.


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Mini Oven

Oh Eric,   "How I loved thee, let me count the ways."        LINK

Well, don't worry we weren't that close but how I miss his supportive banter, yooper memories, experiments, and fun. So kind, his generous heart and baking determination. He left us all much too soon, way too soon. You can be very proud of your Dad in ways and deeds. Words can only touch upon the surface in summing up his contributions to both TFL and his friends here. How he loved his family. 

A great man. So glad you shared him with us.  Thank you so much, 

Mini Oven

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Hi Gabrielle 

Your dad was quick to welcome me to the TFL family 13 years and two months ago  on my maiden posting June 10 2010

He was a very kind and caring person giving great encouragement and yes he is missed . 

i was only thinking the other day about our TFL family  that is spread out around the globe and some of the names that both your dad and i have enjoyed over the years and some i know still look in  Shiao Ping , Dabrownman, Sylvia H, Ananda, Baking Badly , Rajan Shankara , PIPs, RossNRoller,. Varda, Me Bake, Franko, Hanseata, Tx Farmer, Old Wooden Spoon.   

The great thing is all the good work and comments are still here for the more recent newer members to look back on as i often do

I am sure you will love  this entry

and this one too

Thankyou for contacting TFL family  regarding your precious dad!

love and best wishes to you and  Eric's family


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Gabrielle,  your quest reminds me of this now-grown-up-girl, Averil, who appeared in an old video of her mother's bakery in France.

Scroll down a few comments to see the youtube link to the video of her mother in the bakery with the wood-fired brick oven.  Averil makes a brief appearance at 10:10.