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84th bake. 02/04/2022. Denisa's 100% rye, take 4.

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84th bake. 02/04/2022. Denisa's 100% rye, take 4.

Feb. 4, 2022. 84th bake.


This is my 4th bake based on Denisa's 100% rye recipe.

3rd submission to the Rye Community bake.

2nd time with home-milled rye flour.

Previous bakes in this series:




I forgot to wet the top of the loaf to get the seeds to stick. Most fell off when de-panning and when wrapping and unwrapping the towel. Paper plate is 9" in diameter.




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I anticipate that it will have a slightly dense but well-aerated crumb.

Nice work, Dave.


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Just cut it open and posted the crumb photo.   Oh man, this loaf hit the spot. 

This loaf has about 18.8 g of jaggery. And I could taste it.  But it seems sweeter than that amount of sugar would suggest.

Due to the coarser particles of the previous bake (using Vitamixed flour)  not seeming fully hydrated, I scalded/soaked the final dough's flour this time with all the final dough's water, and let soak for 3 hours. Denisa's recipe just used dry flour.

My Vitamixed flour is not homogenous in particle size -- the coarsest bits are noticeably coarser than store-bought stone-ground rye. 

Does a scald with soak create sugar with rye?

I wrapped the loaf in a towel immediately after de-panning. (Have yet to fill in the details in the OP from my bake notes.) I let the wrapped loaf sit out for about 90 minutes before putting the still-wrapped loaf in a sealed plastic bag.

I cut it open about 46 hours after taking out of oven.

I think I hit upon a good combo of scald/soak, jaggery sugar, and 1 tbsp bread spice here. My first thought upon tasting was that I have to show it off. An apartment neighbor now has a chunk, and I'm waiting for their verdict.