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Sandwich bread depressions

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Sandwich bread depressions

Trying to find out why I get surface depression 5-10 minutes after placing in the oven.
White table bread, 70% hydration (including egg), flour, sugar, powdered milk, salt, yeast, butter, water and egg.
Total weight before baking 962 grams.
I made 3 loaves as specified and three with Japanese Yudane method, taking 120g of water and 120g flour from recipe, add the boiling water to the flour, mix and let sit overnight before introducing to the remaining part of the recipe. 
Two of the six loaves ended up with the depression, one with Yudane method and one without.

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When bread collapses after it is put in the oven, that is almost always a sign of an overproofed loaf. With overproofing, the gluten is deteriorated and weakened so when the loaf hits the heat of the oven and the bubbles expand, the weakened gluten walls pop and collapse.Sometimes only part of the loaf collapses.

Were the 2 loaves with the depression perhaps baked after the others? Were they in a slightly warmer location for proofing-perhaps closer to a light bulb or nearer a heat source?

It would be helpful to see a picture of the crumb. 

Otherwise a lovely looking loaf.

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Do you have a photo of the crumb? This is really the only to know exactly what went wrong. The loaves might have over-proofed but again, there is no way to know for sure without a crumb shot.

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Likely over fermented.  When overfermented the gluten strands can no longer tolerate the stretching caused by the expanding gas and then break.  As they break collapsing can occur.  It would be helpful to see the crumb as well since there you should be able to see broken gluten strands under the crust.  


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Thank you for the comments.
They were baked in pairs with the first pair having one defect and the third pair having the second defect.
The first defective was the second of the pair to be mixed, kneaded and proofed. The last defective was the first to be mixed etc..
When I take one out of the freezer I will take a pick of the crump in the area of depression.

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Took a picture of once slice from depressed area and one of a slice from non depressed area of same loaf.