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A collection of Mark Sinclair videos

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A collection of Mark Sinclair videos

TFL stalwart, Mark Sinclair is a quiet chap - never says a word - but then again he doesn’t need to in these videos. His technique speaks for him. I though some might find it useful to have them collated in one place.

Here’s the current list (May 2015):

Making Bread: from Scaling to Baking

kneading and folding

No Knead

Kneading and Folding- Español

Three Breads from Start to Finish

Stretch and Fold - Rustic White & Kalamata Herb

Shaping Dough

More Bread Shaping



Baguette-pre and shaping

100% Rye - a.k.a. "Cocktail Rye"

brioche machine mix



Filled Rolls

potato bread Dutch subtitle

Potato Rolls


Sticky Buns

baking bread (Portuguese Sweet Bread)


Indoor Market

2015 Baking Tour

Trailer Tour

Market Day

Market Day 2

5 minutes at The Back Home Bakery

Baby Deer visiting the Back Home Bakery

I’ve got to admit I’m more than a little jealous of his trailer (thanks to AlanG for pointing me to the clip).

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Thanks for posting these!!

Where can I get a recipe for the Portuguese Sweet Bread?

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He's on the forum as mcs. 

And I agree, those rolls look great. It would be good to know his formula (as long as it's not a trade secret).


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but alas, I'm one of the few people in the world that doesn't do social media of any kind other than standard Internet forums such as TFL.  He's been doing a lot of traveling teaching.