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Oven spring deforming loaf

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Oven spring deforming loaf

I just made a tartine-style boule

450g Bread
50 WW
100g Leaven
375g water
13g salt

Autolyse 1hr
Bulk with 5 S&F 4 hrs
Overnight final proof in 37 F Fridge
Baked dutch oven style in conventional oven 

The crumb was fine, crust delicious. I didn't have any trouble shaping my boule, but the spring in the center deformed the rest of the loaf. I've been using this oven for a while and have not noticed 'hot spots' before. The center has no large holes, and the crumb is fine throughout the loaf. Does anyone have any suggestions? My oven's heating element in on the top- could it have been too close to my loaf? Did I shape it too tightly?

Thank you!



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What a great problem to have!

Your bread and crumb looks very good. Next time you might try scoring all the way down to the bottom of the dough. That may help.

You could also try scoring a bit deeper.

We should all have your problem :-)

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Excellent looking loaf and crumb!


In my experience, round boules seem to benefit from a two dimensional score pattern, such as a plus sign "+", or a pound sign "#".

If you do the # sign with the blade near horizontal, you can get that "hat" effect seen in many of Robertson's loaves in his bread books.

A single score line is more appropriate for the oblong/oval batard shape.

Bon appétit, amigo.

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Looks great! If you want it a TOUCH less rounded, just extend the bulk fermentation time a bit longer. Sourdough that puffs like that usually is a little under-proved, but honestly it makes nice slices imo

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User ifs201 has some good examples of scoring round boules here:

including "H" style, and "O" style.

See her other blog entries at: