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Running out of space!

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Running out of space!

Hi everybody,

I just licensed my home kitchen and I am quickly running out of fridge space! Does anybody have tips for storing loaves of bread overnight in a fridge with limited shelving? I'm going to try stacking rubbermaid containers with loosely covered lids, but I'm worried there will be condensation that effects the rise of the bread. 

I also need to find space for about three 3/4 sheet pans of cinnamon rolls in the fridge for an overnight rise... this might be a hopeless endeavor, though. 

Any and all help is appreciated! 



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Mini Oven

styrofoam insulation and sheet plastic installing an air-conditioner?

Buy another fridge?  (or another oven). How big is the fridge with limited shelving?  

Cover sheets with other sheets layering with ice bags. Stack inside industrial size cool boxes.

Use less yeast or increase to bake sooner.


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This worked for me.

Eventually a retarder was built using Maurizio’s concept.

A small compact upright freezer was used along with this controller. It is very accurate. The. controller will work with any size freezer or fridge.

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You will think I'm off the chain, BUT I bought another refrigeration that is just dedicated to my Flour, and other baking needs.  Not an expensive refrigerator but that is what I did.  Since I live in the South, and was new to the South when moving here I stored my flour in the cabinets and got "BUGS" even thought it wasn't opened, so Bugs and I don't get along, so anything I use frequently goes into containers the rest in the freezer/fridge.