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Tip - Increasing Refrigerator Space for Cold Proofing

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Tip - Increasing Refrigerator Space for Cold Proofing

For those that proof doughs in the refrigerator, the image below may stimulate an innovative idea. I have a ledge in the back of my frig so the shelf was built to rest on it. The wood leg supports the front. Often time I put 2 batards on the shelf and store other refrigerated items underneath.

If you do come up with something or already have an idea, let us know.


NOTE - the doughs are retreaded in plastics bags. They were removed for the photo.

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over 30 years:-)  You should see what I have to do to make room of even 1 loaf in a bowl !  It is rather empty now that there is only 2 of us living here:-)


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Mini Oven

thought maybe you had drilled two large holes in an existing fridge sideways into an adjacent cupboard.  Heck with a little insulation and perhaps a small fan, ducts and duct tape.... why not? I can imagine it.  

Or how about a few flexible hoses coming out of the fridge into a thermos box?   One higher, one lower, a refrigerator with "portholes" when not in use.   

You will enjoy this idea... Mil once took a half sized refrigerator, had the coolant removed and buried it back side down in the woods.  It opened like a cool chest.  Being shaded from trees and being in the ground (and covered with leaves) kept the fridge temps pretty constant.  It did have a few seasonal hiccups and cleaning wasn't a subject but everything in it was either bottled or bagged.  A hit in hot summer to see her disappear into the woods and come out minutes later with a cool bottle of wine.  :)

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I am an off again/on again reader of this forum and only just read your post about your MIL burying a refrigerator.  Made my day!