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Walnut bread bake this morning

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Walnut bread bake this morning

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Abe (not verified)

Walnuts and raisins is a nice combo too. Have you ever tried the Swiss Farmhouse bread recipe by Hamelman using yeast water? 

Very nice bake! Enjoy. 

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Abe’s suggestion of trying the Swiss Farmhouse recipe by Hamelman is a good one, in fact, we did a Community Bake of that recipe.  There are two parts, the First Part for making the yeast water.  The Second Part with the recipe.  Give it a try, making the yeast water and seeing it start to foam and bubble as it ferments is really neat.  Yeast water was really popular here a few years ago.  During the pandemic when yeast was in low supply around the world I was surprised that it didn’t become more popular.

Yes you bread looks lovely, nice bake.


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Looks amazing!! I'll have to try something with walnuts soon

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Mini Oven

So wonderful to start off a day with fresh walnut bread.  Mmmmm