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Ever since trying Skibum's pulla this summer I've been meaning to bake one.  

I used jarkkolaine's recipe as the basis since it had metric weights.  The one notable difference is that I used a tangzhong to try to get a fluffier crumb. Did it help? Mmmm... I'm not sure it did, but I may not have nailed the timing quite right.

I did a five strand braid, which might not have been the best choice but that is the way the dough divided.

Like Skibum I eggwashed and sprinkled some almond slices on top.

Overall a success and one I'm likely to do again soon.


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I never heard of pulla before Skibum started posting it here.  The only thing that saw like it growing up in NYC was challah, a completely different beast.  I use the same cookie sheet as my oven peel, with parchment on it, it works like a charm.  

Congrats, and there's nothing like a redo to fix those little naggy issues that we notice the first time through. My initial formula sheet always has a bunch of notes scrawled across it for the second time.


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I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks. I will have to compare Jarko's grandfather's formula to my Granny's.

By coincidence I just had one of my best pulla bakes after a few mediocre ones.

Thanks for the shout out and happy baking! Brian