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600g sourdough loaf

600g sourdough loaf

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Bread and Salt


Hello all, I've been away for quite a while, busy with my home based full time macro bakery.

I owe a lot to this site and fellow bakers who assisted in every entry. This time I would like to post a recipe of my - now famous - infused sourdough anise.



Prep time
Cooking time35 minutes
Total time35 minutes




For poolish (prep at noon day 1)

-50g culture (100% hydration)

-63g anise infused water

-63g strong white flour type 85

Mixing and dough prep (6pm day 1)

-158g anise infused water

-10g rose water

-128g whole wheat flour type 110

-93g white flour type 60

-75g strong white flour type 85

-5g unrefined coarse sea salt

Start by adding 148g of anise infused water slightly heated to 50 degrees Celsius over the poolish, (do not mix), add all the flours, mix with spatula or wooden spoon, leave covered for 45min.

After the autolize, add salt and mix in a KA stand mixer with hook on second speed for 4min, add the remaining 20g infused water and continue mixing for 10min. The dough should reach an almost cleanup stage.

Place dough in slightly oiled bowl or container, rest for 15min and start in bowl stretch and fold 4 times in 15min intervals. Last one take the dough out and form a round shape then cover the bowl with cling film or container cover. 

At a room temperature of 25 degrees Celsius leave the bowl for 2 hours, then place it in the fridge over night (fridge temp 4 degrees). 

Day 2 anytime during the morning (I start at 4 am), take the dough out, slightly flatten it on a working surface SLIGHTLY, just so you can stretch and form a batard. Flour well and place in brotform or couche. Leave at room temperature for 2 to 3 hours, check the dough by gently pressing with finger it should no longer jump back up fast.

Bake at 300 degrees fan off in a small dutch oven or on cast iron tray pre heated with oven.

If using a tray make sure you steam well your oven.

I place an old unusable tray right on the deck and when I place my loaf I throw 8 ice cubes on that tray and sprinkle the loaf with water using a sprinkler.

First 15 min max heat no fan, then 5 min on fan, then open the oven to let the steam out and turn your loaf (or remove the dutch oven cover) and keep fan with gas mark to middle for another 10 min. To end it I light the broiler for coloring the loaf.



The expected result is a pleasant loaf with medium crust and soft crumb. The taste of anise if subtle with the ending soupson of rose water. It is a great match for sweet cheese, karob & tahini paste, jams, chocolate, peanut butter or just plain. It holds its texture and taste for three days and once toasted yields to another universe of saveurs.


Hope you all get the chance to try it out and give me your feedbacks



Bread & Salt


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Sounds amazing.

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Bread and Salt

Tasts amazing too

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have never tried it in a white one.  Congrats on the Macro Bakery

Happy baking 

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Bread and Salt

Many thanks