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TFL get together

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TFL get together

We had a nice get together this afternoon. Had four regular TFL participants show up (leemid, myself, JMonkey, and crumb bum) and one other reader whose screenname I didn't catch. We had a pretty decent spread:

table full on bread

table full on bread

table full on bread

If memory serves me right, the breads were (starting at 9 o'clock) JMonkey's whole wheat raisin bread and a whole wheat desem bread, my whole wheat sourdough and the honey whole wheat bread with sunflower seeds, crumb bum's miches (one with 15% whole wheat flour and one with 15% rye flour), and leemid white sourdough (made with Carl's starter, I think, or was it Otis?) and a rye he made.


All of the breads were good, but crumb bum's miches (pictured above) blew me away. His formula and techniques can be found scatter around the site, but what I jotted down was:

20 grams starter
1000 grams flour (up to 15% whole grain)
750 grams water
20 grams salt

Mix in the evening, fold 4 or 5 times, then cover and leave out at room temperature overnight. Shape early the next evening, let rise for 2-3 hours, then put in an unheated oven (more on that here). Crank it up to 500 for 10 minutes, then reduce temp and bake until complete.

I will be trying this soon, probably tomorrow.

Thank you to the folks who showed up. And for those of you who wanted to but couldn't, we'll definitely do it again.


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Floydm ~

  All looks good enough to eat ~ Wish there were get togethers like that here in Harrisburg ~ But alas all I can do is look & drool LOL


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Now that's my idea of a great picnic.  Glad you guys got together and had a good time!


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Hmmmmmmmmmm, lots of shots of anonymous kneecaps! Glad it went so well and the food looked wonderful. Of course I HAD to copy the instructions for CrumbBumb's miche - did you mean shape early next morning, Floyd? Whatever, it's on my list of must bake, A

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I have a great photo of everyone sharing starter - it looked like a drug deal with a bunch of guys exchanging ziplock bags with unknown substance in them at a park!

I can post it here if the others don't mind - I just don't feel comfortable posting photos of people without their permission online. 


(p.s. Floyd is next to me saying "no, shape it after work and then bake it 2-3 hours later")

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I'd like to see me there with youse guys...


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Getting set up.

Tasting. I can almost hear leemid saying "it has good acidic notes and a strong bouquet resonate of pomegranates and leather."

Leemid, crumb bum, myself, and JMonkey exchanging cultures.

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I almost feel like I was there..thanks for sharing! I swear, anyone would be hard pressed to tell those loaves from ones baked in a professional bakery, thery're awesome. Wish we had taste-o-vision!! I hope there'll be a next time..

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Thanks for sharing the pictures - what a fine looking bunch, and much too honest looking to be doing anything wicked with the white stuff in the baggies. I really want to make Crum Bum's miche, but being an old retired person "shape it after work" doesn't mean much to me, Floyd. CB, if you are out there, how can I time a miche, please? If it is posted elsewhere just point me in the right direction, A

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After seeing that beautiful bread all I can say is THANK GOODNESS my computer has too many problems to let me really post any photos (I keep trying but they drift somewhere off into space I think, altho I did have one manage to get thru many months ago), how embarassing my bread would be next to those beauties!! Congratulations to you all, if I was closer I would have gladly attended and fed you all really well tho, as my contributions.

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Well, if that isn't a motley crew of characters!  You guys do look awfully cute standing there holding your baggies though - like proud papas! 


Looks like you had a great time.  The bread is all beautiful!