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Yay! Rye sour.

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Yay! Rye sour.

Having followed the instructions in dmsnyder's excellent article at I proudly present the first loaf I made with this 3 stage sour:


Due to some timing issues I had to leave the final dough to rise overnight and I think that even in Ireland in August it gets warm enough for the process to speed up to the point that it was a bit over proved, but nonetheless, the flavour was beautiful. I'll be doing that again.

I ended up with 500 grams of sour after Stage 3, to which I added a further 130 grams of wholemeal rye flour and 270 grams of tipo 00 Italian bread flour. I get that from a local Italian delicatessen and they give it to me straight from the kitchen, but it's a tipo 00 specifically meant for baking bread. No idea how strong it actually is, but looking at the end result I guess it's strong enough for what I want to achieve :-)