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Inside The Jewish Bakery

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Grandpa Larry

Inside The Jewish Bakery

I just received my book today and was delighted to find that it had been autographed by Mr. Ginsberg. Thank you.

I just want to share a memory.

I grew up in Cleveland Heights during the fifties. I remember as many as five Jewish Bakeries on Coventry Road during that period. All had wonderful breads, cakes, and pastries. The rye's were varied and delicious, but my favorite was at Newmarks. I hope to capture some of the flavors of my childhood with the aid of this book.


I'd be grateful for comments from anyone who has this book, and has tried some of the memories. It is like embarking on an adventure!

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folks bake a selected recipe from this book.  You will see what is up next by watching the forum and bake it too if you want.  I have done the last 2 and it has been great fun.  I think they have done 14 so far. I loved the bialy's.  Yummy!

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Grandpa Larry,  I've baked a few things from this book so far and so far delicious.   There is a challenge coming up this month where the leader (Urchina) assigns one bake a week from the book and a few of us make it and post on it in one thread.   I joined in the middle of the last challenge and it was a lot of fun.   So keep a look out for it and hope to see you baking.  -Varda

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Joey the Doey's snarkey comment on the errata for ITJB that was the very first post on this thread ?  Was she censored or thought better of starting another brouhaha? Maybe there is still hope and change in the wind after all?  May peace be upon us as a result.

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Yes, community members flagged that as flamebait, I removed it.  I don't call that censorship, I call that enforcing civility.

Joey has been more than clear about his/her disappointment with the book.  Others differ.   This is a thread started by someone delighted with the book looking to share other happy memories.  If you don't have anything nice to share that is fine, don't share, but don't poison every other thread about ITJB with negativity.


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maintaining civility.  I had hoped that it was removed by her though and that peace was upon us.  There is still hope.

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I hope I'm not stealing Stan's thunder here with this announcment but last night at the IACP Food Writing Awards in NY, here Stan and Norm's "Inside the Jewish Bakery" won the The Jane Grigson Award in the Cookbooks category. Congratulations to both of them!


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Great news about winning the award. Nice to know that people recognize and respect Stan and Norm's  work.

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deserved Stan and Norm - Congratulations!

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Agreed.  Congrats, Stan and Norm!


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Actually, it was Franko who told me about the award ... and on behalf of myself and Norm (who's very seriously ill) thank you all so much. We couldn't have done it without you.

Incidentally, the second printing is on press now and all of the current errata have been incorporated into the new printing.  Look for it mid to late May.

You guys are fantastic!!!!


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Sorry to hear that Norm is ill, will keep him in prayer and hope he will feel better soon.


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Congratulations Stan....on the award and the second printing.  Good thoughts to Norm.


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So glad to here the second printing is under way!  Congratulations on the award!


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putting this beautiful book together was a lot of work !

Hope that second printing brings even more awards :)



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I'm so happy and thrill to read you got awarded! thisis  the proof that one person that dislike your book might not be right at all...and his/her meaning are not clean from .... you know what I mean. 

Hope Norm is already feeling better. I love your book it remind me my childhood, and thank you for the personal dedicace you put in. I will keep it and tranfer it with all the marks and pieces of dough and traces of eggs and chocolate and water drips, to my daughter when the time will come for me to give away my stuff, especialy things that are close to my heart and I had transfered from one country to another as I'm a kind of  Wandering Jew unfortunately. 

My mother had her very personal recipe of "gefilte fish" I know it has nothing to do with the bakery... but may be someone you know will be interested to know about. Bea

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The book is fabulous, and worthy of the award. I am sending thoughts of health Norm's way and hope he gets better soon.

Still haven't managed a bake from it, but then I was so ill after getting the book and dealing with Xmas baking etc, that I am just recovering. But that is on the adjenda as soon as the stupid blood pressure gets its act in gear and goes down. First bake, is going to be the deli rye!

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I have wonderful memories of going with my grandfather to the Jewish bakery near his home in the Bronx. This book brought them home to me again and made it possible to make these "lost" goodies back to my home. I love the stories in the book that give it a historical presence. I feel connected to all those hard working bakers that made so many meals delicious with the flavors they created in their bakeries. I am grateful for this book, its stories and recipes that ordinary bakers like me can enjoy again. Pambakesbread