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A simple recipe in grams to use with a starter

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A simple recipe in grams to use with a starter

Hi, i am fairly new to this site but i certainly bake enough to post here. I have been experimenting with starters lately, and i got one thats been sitting for a few days. I need a starter recipe in grams for a rustic bread, preferebly using around 200g of flour. If theres any other recipes i could use starter for, feel free to share. I just need something simple and small to hone my skills with starter. thanks guys.

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If I understand your post, you are looking for a starter recipe. Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain Bread has an easy method to make a starter - Day 1: 28.5 gm whole wheat or rye flour and 56.5 gm pineapple juice. Each day's feeding uses just small amounts of flour and liquid so you are not wasting much.

I won't write out the feeding schedule but check online. The book is certainly worth it's price. It has wonderful lessons to help you understand the chemistry of bread making without being dull or complicated.


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Is this a sourdough or yeasted starter(poolish, biga, preferment, etc)? Of course if this is sourdough, you have been feeding it as it sat out "for a few days". Yeasted starters typically only set out for a few hours, 16 max. Longer than that, it is probably not advisable to use.

Have you baked with this starter before? Reads like you have a new, young sourdough starter that likely is not yet ready to raise dough on it's own. If that is the case, and you just can't wait to use it, then you can still probably use part of it as the preferment portion of a yeasted recipe.

Anyway, this site features a "Rustic Bread" which uses a yeasted preferment and yeast in the final dough. It makes 2 large loaves. Looks like you need to make about 1/4 of the recipe for about the size you seem to be looking for. The recipe is in ounces though. Conversion to grams is relatively simple using any type of unit conversion ap that can be found online.

 If needed, I'm sure someone can assist you further with the conversions and also more advice on how you need to proceed, but you will probably need to offer a little more complete information.

Rustic Bread recipe link:

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Flo Makanai's 1-2-3 formula is simple and can be made as small (or as large) as  you wish. 

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Flo's formula is brilliant, and it's the basis for practically every bread I bake.

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yes it is a sourdough, wild yeast. i do feed it everyday with a 1/3 cup water and flour, its only about a cup of starter total. I just need a small and simple recipe as i have limited supplies, only white flour salt and oil at the moment actually. 

that 1 2 3 recipe is genius. 


while im here, ive been using this yeast (for other loaves then sourdough) with limited success.

It doesn't give me the rise that i want. when mixed with sugar it takes a very long time to react. Is this normal? should i even be mixing it with water and sugar before?


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Mini Oven

Looks like instant yeast.  Just dump it into the dry ingredients.  Don't waste any energy testing it unless it smells rancid.