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sourdough rye with walnuts and english muffins

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sourdough rye with walnuts and english muffins

The weatherman has forecast a brutally hot day in the city... heeding his warning my girlfriend and I went for an early morning bike ride whilst my doughs were rising, and returned to bake them before the heat set in. On the agenda for today was a sourdough rye with walnuts (from "bread") and Larry's English muffins (the original recipe can be found here).

I have always enjoyed english muffins, but have never thought to make them, so I was excited by Larry's recent post. I used an electirc griddle to 'cook' them and was very happy with the results. The muffins were pillowy and light with a delightful hint of sour from the levain.IMG_2859.JPG


What better way to utilize fresh english muffins than eggs benedict?



The sourdough rye with walnuts came out fairly nicely too. The dough was surprisingly wet for 68% hydration, however I kept to the recipe and reisted the urge to add more flour. In terms of presentation I decided to proof the loaves seam side down, and the allow the natural folds in the loaf to open up in the oven, as opposed to scoring them.


happy baking



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and time to include a bike ride...that's what I call a breakfast of champions!  I also enjoyed Larry's wonderful muffins for breakfast, not as fancy but very good.  The boulé has such a lovely pattern.  Hope you include a crumb shot.


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thank you sylvia! I saw your english muffins, they looked delightful also. I'll post a crumb shot in the near future.


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Nicely done Ben!  The eggs benedict looks like the perfect brunch (is that a bloody mary I spy?) and the English muffins have wonderful nooks and crannies.

The sourdough rye is beautiful as well.  Having looked at your pictures and those of others - notably hansjoakim - I think I'm going to take a hiatus from scoring my rye boules and allow the seams to do their thing au naturel.


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The drink is actually a mimosa, made with pinot noir champagne, though it does look a lot like like a bloody mary!

I agree with you regarding scoring, in fact it was seeing an old post of hansjoakim that inspired me to try the bread and the scoring (or lack of) technique. I was reasonably pleased with the loaf for a first try, but those of hansjoakim really look incredible. Thats what I'm working towards hopefully.

Thanks again for sharing your wonderful recipe.


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What a perfect table. I love eggs benedict with real hollandaise. Nice job with the muffaloes (childhood name) having their requisite nooks and crannies.

The walnut sourdough really looks awesome with the natural self scoring. I really like that look and am going to try it once I get back to breads. I've been in the sweets group of the NYB testers. Looking forward to a crumb shot.



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Beautiful loaf! I love walnuts.

Did you toast them first?