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Thanks so much everyone

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Thanks so much everyone

Jim, Floyd, SourDoLady, et al,


Thanks so much for your support.  I made a loaf (actually, two since I cut the dough in half) of traditional yeast bread.  I'm still waiting for my starter to finish doing its thing, but it's getting better.  I cheated and added a bit of wheat flour and yeast, but it's increasing.  Anyway, I made my traditional yeast bread and it tastes great.  I'm going to take the second loaf to my sister's house tomorrow for them to wow over.  They might boo, but I don't think so.  If not for you folks, I might have chucked all of my starter, and never have attempted it again.  The fact that I could bake a traditional yeast bread gave me courage and a warm fuzzy, so I look forward to trying a true (okay, a cheated) sourdough bread.


Thanks again,