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Help with photos...again,...

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Help with photos...again,...

I am still unable to always upload photos...this is causing me grief...

I have done it a couple of times before, and do not see what I am doing differently. The site box opens where I shouldsteoptite the URL from photobucket, but many times there is no copy/paste option...

As usual when dealing with computers, all errors rest firmly on my part and not the part of Floyd..( who not only bakes great bread but can work his computer).


I have uploaded photos into photobucket. I highlite the URL, come back to the fresh loaf and then exactly what. I believe this is the step where I am failing. If I want to upload pics into my blog..what exactly do I do next...

Thank you

beanfromex aka pc challenged in southern mexico

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Are you on a PC or a Mac? You have to actually *copy* the text after you've highlighted it in most browsers - otherwise the computer doesn't have any way of knowing what you want to do with it. On a PC, you can usually (once whatever you want to copy is selected) hit the buttons Cntrl and C at the same time, or you can click the left mouse button and select "Copy", or go to the menu on your browser and where it sais "Edit" click and select the option "Copy". Mac has similar tricks but I'm not familiar with the key-stroke shortcuts.

Then when you want to paste the link into another page/window/place... you repeat this process, except selecting "Paste" from the menus (or Cntrl + "V" on a PC as the keyboard shortcut.)


Hope that helps!

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Hi there, I am using a pc.


When I am at photobucket, I highlite and copy my jpeg using the URL box under each photos. I then come to the fresh loaf, click on creat content, blog entry, the tree image . I get a "edit/image" box appear with an image of the small loaf on the left, but when I then try to paste the url, no paste selection comes up..

My limited pc skills are telling my I have copied the URL from photobucket because it highlites and then I click on copy..HELP!!