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Spent Grain was the dough that i have wanted to do for a while so having secured a quantity to try it got a run today i also took one of the loaves down to the brewery for them to try too. i used Caputo Classica flour and the spent grain from a Stout preparation. The dough was a 3 hour bulk fermentation . I used the home brew Miners Stout that i have brewed for next months bake day and i used that as the liquid component of the dough. The spent grain was at the rate of 25%. i was well pleased with the way the dough handled although id probably decrease the liquid content as the spent grain is well saturated. At the completion of the bake i took a sample Brewers Loaf down for the Head Brewer and guys at Running with Thieves to try , it was a bit warm then so suggested they give it half an hour before slicing. i have since cut mine and i'm pretty sure its going to blow their socks off!




colour from the Stout



dozen  segmented cap

 sliced for the taste testing at home


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It must be the cooler weather that is encouraging more baking or perhaps the desire to check out breads that im going to be taking to functions or checking yeast quantities for timed yeasted doughs, but here is another. This is a dough using a mix called Super food blend from Aldi. i didnt make it a sweet dough as i envisage it being used on a cheese board at an 80 year old birthday celebration. happy with it but may end up making it into thinner sticks just right for cheese or plain butter. it should go well alongside the Parmesan and onion bread i did prior to this one 

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Checking on the yeast quantities required for a 4 hour bulk fermentation 1.3% fresh compressed yeast seems to be about right The dough is a cheese and onion bread which i will be making again on the weekend for an 80th birthday celebration for one of my gym class mates


  5% raw brown onion and 10% shaved Parmesan cheese

 1.3% compressed fresh yeast  finished at 27 deg C  for a 4 hour BF




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i posted the other day about a chart for yeast quantities for conventional timed  doughs timed-doughs

Anyway we, a local facebook page group of bread enthusiasts here in Fremantle Western Australia are soon to be having  a baking day get together at a fairly new local bakery on Sunday the 13th June and as we will be making large doughs for the 13 participants in the commercial spiral mixer i wanted to check out the chart yeast quantities / times  so i made a dough using the chart.

On our bake day get together we will be making my 50% wholemeal stout dough. I have already brewed the stout and we will need 18 and a quarter litres of it, the dough will require just over 14kg of w/m and the same of white flour. 48kg dough 

Anyway the test bake went very well with finished dough temperature  being spot on at 27deg C The dough was mixed by hand  and the bowl was placed in the microwave oven out of drafts etc. When i went to check it just before its scheduled 2 hours it had just popped the lid off of the tupperware container  so i decided to take it there and then so the chart was fairly accurate.     I will have time to do a couple more checks in the next week or so and will go for a 4 hour dough next hit out.

I had intended these loaves to be Epi's, i had to Banana bend them to fit on the tray by that was no matter .Anyway I got distracted and when i went to scissor cut them i found that they had really passed the point where i could scissor cut them and push them around so i changed plan and i washed them with the boiled cornflour paste, poppy seeded and scored them. I hadn't even turned the oven on at this stage so cranked it up full and prepared the steaming towel for the tray on the floor of the oven and got them into the oven 10 minute later reducing the temp dial to 220 and then removing the steaming towel after 10 minutes of the bake. The loaves finished up having a nice soft interior and very tasty too the flour used was the last of my Caputo Manitoba Ora about 25% augmented by cheap Black and Gold brand supermarket flour.


 Really looking forward to the bake day where most of the participants will not have had the chance to see a 48 kilo dough being made and fermented they will then be processing 3 kgs each into loaves of their choice, we will also be making a 32 kg fruit dough that they will make into a loaf and cinnamon scrolls. All of this is being made possible by the generous offer of the use of the facility on what is a quiet day at the bakery. The owner also wants to open a retail outlet as well as a shop that sells everything baking as he too is a very keen baker.

Kind regards Derek









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Baked another 50% Wholemeal Spelt this time without the Porter and a very small amount of fresh Yeast just 1/4 of a 1% 1.5g to be exact. Got things under way at 10.30am with 216g of W/M Spelt and all the water 301g plus fore mentioned 1.5g fresh yeast brought it together and set aside for 4 hours then added the 215g of Caputo Manitoba Ora white flour and 8.6g of Saunders liquid Malt mixed this on the bench by hand for 15 minutes and then allowed 15 minutes rest before adding the butter 8.6g and salt 8.6g and working it into the dough and then setting aside in a covered bowl to bulk Ferment. at 8.15 the dough was well fermented and taken so it was just over 4 and a half hours BF. the dough piece was shaped and rolled in flakey bran before being placed seam side up in a banneton it was then placed inside a plastic bag and consigned to the fridge for the night. I was up at 5.00 and cranked up the oven with the Schlemmertoph clay baker. the loaf was tipped out onto some baking paper and scored it was then slung into the hot clay baker the lid put on and consigned to the oven at 5,40am . The dough did show some sign of deflating from the scoring but when i took the lid off the clay baker at 6.05 it had sprung nicely. The bake was for 40 minutes at around 220C. I have just eaten the slices that i cut for the photo and have to say that the longer slower fermentation has contributed to a great taste. I am able to compare it to the very similar loaf i made with a small amount of Porter in it. Both great tasting loaves, Just need to do a slow all Porter loaf to cap it all off     View insights0 post reach  Like   Comment  

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i recently mentioned the need to get a new donor starter as mine was unreliable and was destined for the compost tumbler. Several member of the local bread enthusiasts group kindly offered me some of theirs. i chose someone close by  and put it to work straight away. i decided to mix the dough well and do the bulk ferment undisturbed for its entirety. Things didnt go quite to plan and a family emergency meant the dough was needing to be retarded, i chose the back verandah as the nights have been getting cool and i didnt want fridge temps. In the morning the dough was shaped  and proved in a banneton and then baked in a heavy pot slow cooker insert  initially with the lid on,i did have to remove the plastic knob and just covered the hole with some foil. i do have some metal knobs in the shed somewhere that i will use to make lid removal easier.

The pot worked really well and pleased with the way the loaf came out. also pleased with the adopted starter.





The dough was from the Bourke street Bakery,  The ultimate baking companion and its their standard S/D 

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Had a quick bake today testing a recipe for a friend that was in her breadmaker  booklet,  it came out rather nice but i did tell her hers wont come out looking the same.

The Garlic and Herb dough placed into the cold Sassafras and washed with cornflour paste

The poppy and sesame seed applied

Proved nicely with the lid on  and ready for the oven

straight from the oven

Cooling down This was a fast dough  mixed at 9am  and out the oven  close to mid day

it was actually a tasty piece of bread  The dough was mixed on the bench by hand.

flour 520g

salt 10g

dried yeast 10g

malt 10g

milk powder 10g

fresh chopped garlic 10g

Australian dried herbs 5g

Olive oil 10g

water 350g

regards Derek












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Going to a lunch time gathering tomorrow and i am making a 44.4% Wholemeal Potato Rosemary and Cheese loaf. It was going to be a Sour Dough version but my starter has been sluggish recuperating from its slumber in the freezer. It will recover just may need a few feeds to gain its vigor. So a conventional bulk fermented fresh yeast dough it is.

I'm also going to do another batch of those Cinnamon Knots, slightly different this time as i'm thinking of adding currants which have been soaking in a drop of Port for more than 24 hours directly onto the cinnamon sugar paste so as not to squish the fruit. that dough will be made first thing in the morning.


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 I recently had another birthday tick over,  this one  3 Score and 10 which i enjoyed with a friend who also celebrated his 78th birthday 2 days after mine . We were away fishing on the south coast of Western Australia and did very well catching the daily bag limit of Black Bream each day!

Now that i have returned i turned my attention to the fact that the exercise group that i belong to will help celebrate the achievement of my birth with the subject providing some goodies for the post exercise coffee time. i decide to make Cinnamon buns but different from the usual scrolls so i did a test run in readiness for tomorrow mornings early 4.00 am bake. i was very pleased with the result and confident in the mix size and bun size and very confident they taste great and the group will love them! Might even get marriage proposals like last year with the scrolls! 

 the dough as mixed

placed into the bowl for BF

nicely proven

shaped and placed in muffin tray

Double size baked free standing on a sheet

The complete ensemble

 Sliced in readiness for a good Wodge of Butter



1 Dozen Black Bream on the old ironing board  filleting bench

The clean up crew removing all the offal 

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I was very fortunate to be given a quantity of fresh figs that i wanted to use in baking, unfortunately my first attempt proved to be a failure.Yes i still have them occasionally too.

i hydrated my flour in the morning but didnt get the figs til the afternoon and i think the prolonged period may have degrade the gluten because the dough became very sticky not wet sticky but glue like, in fact it stuck to every thing i did manage to bake it off by treating it like a foccaccia but it even managed to stick to the tray too. It smelled devine and tasted ok but that's all it had going for it. Suprisingly it seemed to have a hint of coconut about it.  

 Here is my second attempt but this time rather than incorporate the fig into the dough i've used the fig pulp  in a swirl i also hydrated equal flour to the water content for just 30 minutes. Overall quite pleased with the result and did justice to those lovely white figs

the fig pulp spread over the fruit dough


divided and on the baking sheet

proved and ready for the oven


out the oven and cooling

a close up look


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