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30% Aus Red Wheat 75% Muntons h/b Stout 0.5% yeast

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30% Aus Red Wheat 75% Muntons h/b Stout 0.5% yeast

i have been impressed with new a member Dan's posts of his long fermentation breads using small 0.8% yeast quantities . i realised i hadn't done a long BF for ages so i thought that i might use some Home milled Red wheat 30% Defiance Bread flour 70% and my home brew Muntons Connasieur Stout for all the liquid that was 75% i used just 0.5% dried yeast.i started the process at 3.00pm hydrating all the w/m 174g and 200g of the flour with 376g of stout and then 2 hours later adding the remaining 205g of flour . the formula called for salt @2% 12g Milk powder @2% 12g and butter at 2% 12g i was going to add Malt @2% but thought the stout was going to contribute enough so left that out but added 12g of w/m to keep the balance. After i had finished the mix i began to douubt wheter i had actually added the salt! EEK I tasted the dough and confirmed my suspicion, i rectified the omission and worked it in and knew that if i was going to do some stretch and folds it should assimilate. and over the 4 S&F's it was fine. I think the stout which is bottle fermented also contributes to the overall yeast quota as the dough moved faster than i would have liked requiring me to place it in the fridge before bed time AT 9.20pm.i was up and about at 5.00AM so the dough was retrieved from the fridge and at 5.40 the dough was taken and divided i was requiring 2 x loaves at just over 500g each The dough was handed up and given a good bench rest being shaped and placed into 2 of the newly acquired heavy duty 9"round tins and placed into plastic proofing bags i opted to put one in the fridge and leave the other in the cool laundry whilst my wife and i went off to our fit for life exercise group. Upon return from the physical exertion the fridge loaf was brought in from the cold and the oven was lit and bought up to temperature. the first loaf went into a hot oven at around 220C with a shallow tray and water in the bottom of the oven. i usually like to have a hand towel to help wick water into steam but i couldn't find it, any way i didnt need to extract that and open the door. the loaf was baked for 30 + minutes and then the pan removed and given a further 5 minutes. after that was done the 2nd loaf was washed with a paste made from the red wheat and boiling water and sprinkled with some of the red wheat flour. this was given the same treatment so there we have 2 x 30% Red Wheat Wholemeal Stout loaves with extended slow fermentation.       


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Handsome loaves Derek, I especially like the cottage loaf double decker one.  


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Thanks Benny it has great taste too i was very pleased with that . 

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Good looking loaves you have there Derek, particularly love the loaf with the cap on its head.

Can only imagine the stout brought through a lovely flavour and I do like the sheen on the crumb.