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This is my first time attempting the couronne Bordelaise. I followed the instructions given by Susan at Wild Yeast Blog, using her Norwich Sourdough recipe as well, though I scaled the recipe down by 25% to produce two (roughly) 750 gram loaves. I did a test run two days ago, which turned out pretty well, though I had some problems with execution. I rolled the center disk out too much, and that piece didn't separate to produce the "crown" effect. The first of the two I baked this morning similarly failed to crown thoroughly. Third time is the charm. These are going with me to a New Year's Day party this afternoon.

I don't have a couronne proofing basket, so I rigged two up using cake pans and small ramekins covered by cloth napkins.

Proofing in the proofing "basket"

Couronne #1, ready to go into the oven.

Couronne #1 baking.

Couronne #1 - this one didn't "crown" much.

Couronne #2 - success!


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Made these two to give away (one sent priority mail along with a spelt boule), so unfortunately I have no pictures of the crumb. They smelled delicious and I got great oven spring. They are both just under 25% whole wheat (a mix of mostly HRSW with some Kamut that I had on hand, all freshly ground), with the remainder being half AP and half bread flour. My starter is 100% hydration organic whole wheat. Formula makes two loaves, amounts are in grams.

6:00 pm: Mixed everything but the cranberries and pecans up together, let rest for an hour.

7:00 pm: Performed first stretch and fold.

7:30 pm: 2nd S&F

8:00 pm: Stretched dough out on counter to laminate. Added cranberries and pecans, folding them in during lamination.

8:30 pm: Third stretch and fold. Left to continue bulk until AM.

7:00 am: Dough was ready, so I divided it in two, pre-shaped, bench rested, then placed in two bannetons.

8:00 am: Preheated dutch oven and oblong clay baker at 475 F.

8:35 am: Loaves into oven. Baked at 475 for 15 minutes, then reduced oven temp to 450. Baked another 10 mins w/covers on, then 12 minutes with covers off. I put a cookie sheet under the baking vessels, as loaves in the dutch oven (cast iron) tend to get overly brown on the bottom.

9:12 am: Removed from oven, internal temp read 210 F. Let rest several hours. Took one to a friend, and later that same day mailed the other, along with a spelt boule, to another friend 3000 miles away. :)

Formula is for two loaves


Whole wheat






Bread flour













1 cup



1 cup





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Got some lovely oven spring and good crumb with this 80% sprouted whole spelt loaf (70% hydration). Very pleased how this turned out. I mixed the dough up around 6:30 pm -- no complicated process, I mixed everything together all at once. Let it rest for about an hour, then performed four stretch and folds in the bowl every half hour over the next two hours. Let it bulk overnight on the counter [14 hours total from initial mixing to pre-shape], pre-shaped, bench rested for 10 minutes, shaped, proofed for 1 1/2 hours in a banneton, and baked in a clay baking vessel at 475 F for 30 minutes with the cover on, 12 minutes with the cover off. I thought it was a bit too dark (burned) when I pulled it out, but the crust is crusty in a good way and the interior is tender. It's mildly tangy/sour.


474 g sprouted whole spelt flour

106 g bread flour

370 g water (70%)

11 g salt

60 g 100% hydration whole wheat starter

2 Tbsp agave syrup


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This was inspired by Rushuyama's beautiful Fig & Walnut multigrain posted a few years ago here. I scaled the ingredients to 70% of the original to make one larger loaf. I didn't have any spelt on hand (we love spelt and it disappears) so subbed in some Kamut, used freshly and finely ground durum instead of semolina, and I added chopped date along with the chopped figs, since I didn't have enough of the latter. The durum, Kamut, and Red Fife were all freshly ground.

This is my second attempt at this loaf; first version (a boule) came out flattened on top owing to a mishap when flipping the dough from banneton to parchment lined peel. I flipped it without first removing the shower-cap cover on the banneton. D'ough! Had to then unflip it, then remove the cap, and re-flip it. The top of the dough stuck to the plastic. [This was a new mistake for me; hopefully I won't make it again!]. The bread was tasty, however.

This time I remembered to remove the plastic cover. BUT....when I opened the oven to remove the pre-heated oblong clay baker, gobs of smoke *billowed* out, choking me and setting off the smoke alarms. My husband had made pizza earlier that evening and been a little too enthusiastic with the sauce and cheese, which had overflowed onto the racks and bottom of the oven. There was *no* way I could bake with the oven in that condition. Unfortunately, I had already flipped the dough onto parchment and scored it. Again, there was unflipping and reflipping of the dough back into, then out of, then back into the banneton as I pondered my options. Much swearing and cursing ensued, in my head anyway. It all seemed to be a disaster, one comprised of high quality, freshly ground ingredients.

Long story short, my husband, a nurse, recognized my distress, sprang into action, scraped off the smoking gunk, reheated the oven and baker, and 20 minutes later I was able to bake the loaf. The results are excellent.

Note: I proofed the loaf on the counter for 45 minutes, then put it into the fridge for another 5 or so hours. I then baked it at 475 F in a pre-heated, covered clay baker for 30 mins, and at 450 degrees for 12 mins w/cover off.


My version based on the original:


(in grams)     



ripe starter



WW flour



bread flour





Final Dough:


bread flour












red fife































toasted walnuts


Total weight





Day 1 (evening)


9:30 PM

Mix levain, let sit on counter until next AM. I used slightly less starter than


the original calls for, hoping to slow things down a bit.


Day 2


8:25 AM

mix flours, 340 g water (I held back 40 g to mix in levain & salt). Autolyse 1 hr.


9:30 AM

Add levain, mix & let sit 20 mins. Use held-back H2O


9:50 AM

add salt w/held-back H2O, mix 5-6 mins


9:56 AM

fold in nuts and figs/dates


10:00 AM

bulk 4 hours, w/3 stretch and folds


10:30 AM

S&F 1


11:00 AM

S&F 2


11:30 AM

S&F 3


2:00 PM

Preshape and bench rest 30 mins


2:30 PM

Shape and proof on counter for 45 mins


3:15 PM

Place in banneton, cover, and into refrigerator


8:10 PM

Preheat clay baker in oven


8:40 PM

take dough out of fridge, remove plastic (!), flip onto parchment lined peel, score

8:41 PM

Discover oven is billowing smoke. Panic.


8:43 PM

Potentially damage gluten structure and scoring by flipping dough back into banneton.


Panic, change mind, and reflip dough out of and back into banneton. Return to fridge.

8:44 PM

Despair. Open doors and windows to clear smoke and quiet alarms.


8:45 PM

Communicate dire situation to husband despite mute panic.


8:47 PM

Husband jumps into action and somehow fixes the situation in less than 20 minutes.

9:15 PM

Flip dough onto parchment. Re-score gently. Move to clay baker, bake @ 30 mins at 475

9:45 PM

Remove top, lower heat to 450 F.


9:57 PM

Remove loaf from oven, check temp, and leave to cool on rack overnight.






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