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Couronne Bordelaise

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Couronne Bordelaise

This is my first time attempting the couronne Bordelaise. I followed the instructions given by Susan at Wild Yeast Blog, using her Norwich Sourdough recipe as well, though I scaled the recipe down by 25% to produce two (roughly) 750 gram loaves. I did a test run two days ago, which turned out pretty well, though I had some problems with execution. I rolled the center disk out too much, and that piece didn't separate to produce the "crown" effect. The first of the two I baked this morning similarly failed to crown thoroughly. Third time is the charm. These are going with me to a New Year's Day party this afternoon.

I don't have a couronne proofing basket, so I rigged two up using cake pans and small ramekins covered by cloth napkins.

Proofing in the proofing "basket"

Couronne #1, ready to go into the oven.

Couronne #1 baking.

Couronne #1 - this one didn't "crown" much.

Couronne #2 - success!



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Mini Oven

3 is the charm alright.  Bet they all taste good.  I got one of those special bannetons but in my mind not worth it. It takes up too much room and hard to stack and save space in the cupboard.  You're right!  Adapting a regular banneton with a bowl or short glass (and a bright colorful cloth) works best.  :)

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Happy 2020 Mini - and yes, they were all delicious, regardless of how they looked. Can't go wrong with (properly proofed and baked) sourdough!

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Looks like your third one came out perfect.  It's always nice to try new things and finally get the results you are looking for.

Great job.