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my colorful sourdough breads...  using charcoal powder, goji berry, blueberry, japanese pumpkin.

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bought some beautiful organic purple carrot. thought i mixed it into the toasted golden flaxseeds sourdough bread. 

this is the same flaxseeds sourdough formula i used before.

praticing my scoring as well.. try to score a butterfly!!! 

hehe.. does it look like a butterfly?? 

this is a second boule i baked. i had to bake one at a time. i retardthis in the fridge while i bake the first one.

top view... :) 



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Baked with golden flaxseeds.... toasted and soaked. adds a beautiful fragrant to the bread.


Above, proof in normal tea towel in a basket. 

used my newly bought banneton proofing basket!

i am practicing scoring as well. pretty poor at it.

here is the crumb ... :) was waiting for the breads to cool down. 

it is not pure white bread. added wholegrain spelt flour and wholewheat flour. the crumb is not as open as a white bread. used a wholewheat starter as well. 



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weekend baking for friends.

baked a couple of breads for my friends. using Chad's formula for country bread. 500g brown bread flour and 250 gram AP. 150gram wholewheat starter at 75% hydration. 520gram water and 20gram of rum. 150gram raisin soaked in rum. 150gram toasted walnuts. 30gram soaked flaxseeds. 

mixed flour and water keep overnight at room temperature. next day added starter autolysed 30 mins add salt 15gram. rest 30mins, add flaxseeds raisins rum and walnuts. SF for 3 over 30mins interval. bench rest 30mins and shape. retard in fridge overnight. next day, baked at 450C covered 20mins, 425C uncovered 10mins or slightly more till inner temperature reached 210C.

did the above method to suite my working schedule.

works very well, takes 3 days of good planning. 

still learning...

Evon :)


Baked this one last night. with the same formula and method, only difference is i did not add the toasted soaked flaxseeds. as you can clearly see the difference of texture in the crumb. the one with flaxseed has a gummy chewy crunch, this one has a light chewy crunch. 



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Lumos did a lovely cocoa sourdough with cranberries, walnuts and orange peels for Codruta from the fresh loaf. 

visited Tokyo recently in December 2012. there, they have lovely ingredients for all sorts of cooking. especially at the tsukiji fresh market. bought some good green tea powder and black beans. 

after looking at the recipe for the cocoa sourdough, i had a thought of replacing the cocoa powder for the green tea powder. and added the black beans instead of the cranberries. yuzu peels instead of orange peels...

 this is how it turned out.. beautiful bitter flovor from the tea and sweetness from the black beans quite similer to chestnuts. aromatic yuzu... yum 



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This is how I enjoy my sourdough every tea break...

Hello everyone, I am a 6 months old at baking sourdough bread. Loving it! Found my own wild yeast and started baking since with inspiration from this wonderful web of bread lovers. Thank you without you all it is impossible to learnt so fast.



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