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Lucy was making up for lost time making two different breads.  One a 10% whole 5 grain yeast Naan and the other a 10% whole Kamut pizza dough.  The 5 grains for the Naan were red wheat, spelt, Kamut, rye and oat.  Both were made with and 10% pre-fermented whole grain flour poolish at 100% hydration and both dough flours were LaFama AP.   Overall hydration for both was 72%

Pizza Dough

Both had a short 30 minute autolyse with the salt sprinkled on top followed by 2 sets of 150 slap and folds each on 30 minute intervals.  Both had 3 sets of 4 stretch and folds also on 30 minute intervals followed by a 30 minute rest before being shaped into a ball and placed in oiled SS bowl for a long cold retard – 24 hours for the Naan and 48 hours for the pizza dough.

Naan Dough

Now for some differences.  The pizza dough had dried rosemary. Fresh garlic, chopped sun dried tomatoes and olive oil added in at the first set of stretch and folds and the Naan had 5% softened butter and fresh garlic added in during their first set.

Divided Pizza Dough

The Naan and pizza dough came out of the fridge 4 hours before baking, 24 hours apart.  The Naan and divided into (6) 144 g pieces and the pizza dough was divided into (3) 244 g pieces.   Both Naan and Pizza crusts were formed and shaped by hand the same way with the Naan more rustic.  Both were baked on 550 F stones.  The Naan was tossed on two different stones by hand one after the other and the pizzas  were slid on the bottom stone with a peel.

White Smoked Pizza with Portuguese Linguisa 

The Naan was baked for 90 seconds each side and removed to warm towels where butter infused with fresh garlic was brushed on both sides and the 3 pizzas were baked for 5 minutes and then spun with the peel and baked for 3 minutes more, removed to cutting board for slicing with a pizza wheel and then placed on wire racks suspended over 9x13 baking pans - so that the crust stays crisp as it was when it came out of the oven.  We do not like inferior, thick, soft, floppy foldable NY style pizza.

Pepperoni Pizza

The 3 pizzas were a white pizza with smoked everything Portuguese Linguisa, smoked onion, smoked mushrooms and fresh mozzarella.  It was out least favorite topping combination for all 3 of us but the crust was the best killer crisp.  This is Chris Bianco’s most popular pie but he uses sweet Italian smoked sausage and smoked mozzarella and a different crust!

Sopresatta Pizza

We did put fresh grated, extra aged, Parmesan on each pie too.  The girls though this pie would be better with Bianco’s fresh sauce as the base but I thought it might be better with a Parmesan béchamel or asiago alfredo base to keep it a white pie.  Biaco’s is a killer pie and you should order it for sure but this one…. not so much.

The 2nd pie started as a basic Margarita using Biaco’s fresh sauce, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil with an added thin sliced smoked pepperoni and smoked onions.  The crust was still plenty crisp and this was the girl’s favorite pizza.

My favorite was the last of the 3. It started out like the 2nd one above as a basic margarita but this one added a thicker sliced smoked Columbus sopresatta sausage, red onions, red peppers and smoked mushrooms.  This was one fine pizza and my new favorite pie possibly of all time – at least for the moment.

Bianco’s fresh sauce is just a can of Marzano plum tomatoes, grown on the slopes of Mt Etna, crushed between the fingers with fresh basil until it is thick and smooth - no blending.  My fresh sauce uses fire roasted tomatoes with Italian herbs, fresh minced garlic, fresh basil and red pepper flakes crushed between the fingers until smooth.  The girls missed the smoky, garlicky, spicy sauce. 

The Naan was perfect with the Indian Basmati rice and Chicken and Vegetable Tikka Masala my daughter loves so much. It was pretty yummy for sure.   The hard part is what left overs to eat for diner tonight.  Maybe I’ll put some Chicken Tikka Masala on that white pizza!

Lucy reminds us to never forget the salad with that Sopresatta Pie 

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gogli70 and all the great breads he posted.  he worked at bakery and baked for the Farmer's Market too.  His blog is worth reading in my book.

Here is just one of his great breads 93% whole grain ciabatta at 89% hydration. From 2013

This was Josh's first attempt at David Snyder's SFSD

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Bereit sind, arbeiten Sie hart und Opfern Sie viel Auswuchs Sauerteigbrot

Yes, this is a remake of a bread that we really liked 3 years ago, Just click on the title……the ever popular - Willing to work hard and sacrifice much, sprouted, sourdough bread.  We were taken back when Lucy learned that a robot companion named Cimon (sounds like the real Simon) was blasted off the earth to the Space Station.


Yes, NASA now thinks that robots make better companions for astronauts than people do.  They do not vomit, pee and poop themselves during launch or any other time either.  Lucy says they should have sent her up there for astronomical companionship instead - even though she would have barfed, peed and pooped all over everything for sure….. plus she would shed a bunch of hair that would have been problematic eventually – probably causing massive die off of anything alive ….except Cimon.

I told her she was just plan nuts, instead of salted,  and that NASA was not stupid enough to send a barking,  baking apprentice 2nd classes that only speaks Swedish into space.  We Know she would immediately get upset with one of the extraterrestrial aliens spaced out there (humans are ET Aliens in space), bite their ankles and upchuck on their bare toes when they least expect it. 

Lucy says NASA is stupid - everyone needs and loves rescue dogs.  Even people with all the right stuff need service dogs for anxiety or complete mental breakdowns when the air, food, water and electricity run out, especially at the same time, so far from home.

She Says NASA has it all wrong from the get go, or launch in NASA terms, and went on to say that the real problem is that there are people on the space station.  The only thing that should be up there are robots and their Service Dogs like her in the first place.

She said that robots will eventually evolve to need service dogs too but, they will be programmed to never abuse them like their human masters do.   So, she figures she really wants to be a rescue, service, space dog one day if it means being rescued from me and having a real friend like Cimon. 

We don't see enough bottoms around here

I just about had enough when I realized that she wasn’t done and getting ready to do a toe, jam job on me.  Time to save those toes.   Lucy said she prefers robots with artificial intelligence rather than artificial people who act like robots and just think they are intelligent - like me.  Well doggies as Jed Clampett used to say, that did it for me.'

I told her I would ship her off to Elon Musk at Space X and have her blasted off toward Mars 15 years before humans or robots will need service, space dogs there before she could say Yippee O KIya!   She immediately disappeared to who knows where before I could grab her but she will turn up at dinner time no doubt.  That is why I had to do a re-mix of an older bread today ….so here it is….. but it isn’t quite the same either.

This time there was only 35% whole grains split 50 / 50 sprouted and non sprouted.  After milling, we had an 18% extraction of sprouted and non -sprouted bran which we split between the two levains 16 g each.  One was started with 8 g of NMNF Rye SD with 18 g of bran and 12 g of high extraction flour, half being sprouted at 100% hydration.  The other levain ended up with 16 g of bran and 142 g of high extraction flour, half being sprouted, with 30 g of fig yeast water - also at 100% hydration.

It isn't the 4th of July without ribs


The dough flour was the remaining 114 g (23%) of high extraction flour, half sprouted and 325 g  (65%) of KA bread flour.  That means the 2 levains were 6% each pre-fermented bran and flour or 12% pre-fermented flour total.  The over all hydration was 77% and we did a 2 hour autolyse with pink Himalayan sea salt sprinkled on top.


Grilled Salmon

We went old school, Space X Ballistic on this this once the two levains hit the mix and we stirred them in with the salt.  Onto the counter it went and we started the blast off with 200 slap and folds.  A 40 minutes rest, 3% more water added  so we could to say we did a fancy double hydration, and 50 more slap and folds followed by a 40 minute rest.   Then 2 sets of Stretch and Folds from the compass points also on 40 minute intervals.

Green Chili Chicken Enciladas

The we chucked it into an oiled SS bowl for a 16 hour retard.  The next day we let it warm up for an hour before we pre-shaped and then shaped it into a short, fat batard the French have a great name for if you care to look it up.  I would tell you but Lucy isn’t here to remind me what it is but she would be unlikely to know since she doesn’t speak French or English.

Shrimp Kabobs

Into the rice floured basket it went.  After another hour and a half we unmolded it onto parchment on a peel, slashed it extraterrestrial like, forgot to spritz it well, and into the Combo Cooker it went, screaming something appropriate, in an alien tongue, that even Lucy couldn’t decipher.   At any rate, the screaming thankfully stopped when the 450 F lid mercifully went on. Never had one do that before and won’t miss it not happening again.

Lucy's Red White and Blue, 4th of July Celebration Apple Pie with Snockered Cranberries, Blueberries aand Fresh Ginger

We did 18 minutes of steam and then 12 at 425 F convection with the lid off and the bread removed from the bottom with 8 minutes to go.  It was 208 F when it was moved to the cooling crack.  It sprang, sang, bloomed, blistered a bit because of no Spritz and browned up nice enough.  Now we have to wait for Ribs tomorrow to see if it has a nice, open,, moist glossy crumb or it drowned, closed mouth, in gummy, gibberish.

Lucy says always take a salad into space to eat with that ground up stuff in a tube.  Then you can have that Brownie covered with icing in red white and blue sprinkles.

This bread really puffed itself up and was super soft and moist on the inside ..... it was tangy too.  Sent some home with cousin Jay after the fireworks we set off in the middle of the street.

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I wanted to put this  where I could lose it and possibly find it again using search for Glazing or Primer

Here is the Rose Levy Beranbaum’s take on brushing on a crust

Type of Glazes and Toppings
A crisp crust: Water (brushed or spritzed)
A powdery, rustic chewy crust: Flour (dusted)
A soft velvety crust: Melted butter, preferably clarified (1/2 tablespoon per average loaf)
A crisp light brown crust: 1 egg white (2 tablespoons) and 1/2 teaspoon water, lightly beaten and strained (the ideal sticky glaze for attaching seeds)
A medium shiny golden crust: 2 tablespoons egg (lightly beaten to measure) and 1 teaspoon water, lightly beaten
A shiny deep golden brown crust: 1 egg yolk (1 tablespoon) and 1 teaspoon heavy
cream, lightly beaten
A shiny medium golden brown crust: 1 egg yolk (1 tablespoon) and 1 teaspoon milk, lightly beaten
A very shiny hard crust: 1 1/2 teaspoons cornstarch and 6 tablespoons water: whisk the cornstarch with 2 tablespoons of the water. Bring the remaining 1/4 cup
water to a boil and whisk the cornstarch mixture into it; simmer for about 30 seconds,
or until thickened and translucent. Cool to room temperature, then brush on the bread
before baking and again as soon as it comes out of the oven.

Note: When using an egg glaze, it goes on most smoothly if strained. I like to add a pinch of salt to make it more liquid and easier to pass through the strainer.  An egg glaze will lose its shine if using steam during the baking process.  My preference is to use Safest Choice pasteurized eggs.

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is and has a hard time finding 100% whole grain recipes.  SOI though we should post our favorites from TFL that we have made over the years right here for her.   Lucy thought we would start it off with a more difficult one but one that tastes fantastic.  



#4  this one is only 95% whole grain









#13 is your lucky number

#14 Couldn't leave you on 13


Happy whole grain baking Fran

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Lucy loves Haiku and between bakes she thinks up some good ones.   Between bakes I thought we should all give it a try and see if our bread improves.

Just add them on here as comments.  Here is Lucy's first shot and then mine but there will be more as time allows.

Don Baggs makes baguettes

Out of any recipe

 Turns dough into sticks

And mine

Pumpernickel airs

Wafting through the bakery

So few friends remain


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.Lucy and I have been working hard on her app that makes food invisible and has no smell so that fat people like me can lose some weight because we won’t be able to find the food we would normally consume.  Here is a picture of a delicious Chinese 9 course meal…..can’t see it can you?  Lucy rests her case    but not so fast.


Sadly, the no smell part still has a way to go.  It doesn’t smell like Chinese food but it does smell like a large pile of rotting flesh that has been in the sun to ripen.  I know you can’t smell it but believe me it is pretty putrid.  I’m pretty thankful she isn’t close to the no smell part because it keeps her from working on her app to replace everyone’s job and Silicon Valley is already spending billions to do just that as it is.

Back to bread.  Lucy said I should have spelled Chacon Shacon to get the 3 S’s in the title but I told her Tom Chacon would be really upset if he saw it.  She didn’t remember who Tom was though… even though he left TFL in haste and in a huff after Lucy made him semi famous.  Just shows how pride and ego can make you fail big time, every time!  In this case Ch sounds exactly like Sh so the alliteration still works!

A Chacon is a great way to make a bread that stands out for a special occasion.  As I have said before, if I had a bakery, I would bake a weekly special bread in some kind if chacon design and then sell it for a buck more to make some extra profit.  The special occasion this time was the Summer Solstice Challenge Bread.

Miso Pork Stir Fry with Shiitaki Mushrooms

We spent about 5 minutes extra to come up with the sun design and get it in the bottom of the basket.  Lucy said we should have spent more time on it but I told her that time is the one resource that I have so little of, that I just can’t spare more than that extra on any one bread thing when it takes a couple days to make a simple Sourdough bread like this as it is.

Thai Green Chili Veggies with Tofu

She wanted to make sun’s rays yellow and orange using durum, corn meal and food coloring to make them pop and I’m sure next time she can do whatever she wants.  It does sound pretty good though.  At least they stand out pretty good as it is.

Instant Pot Osso Bucco for Yippee!

Simple this bread is otherwise.  All white flour, 10% pre-feremtned Lafama AP levain using 10 g of NNMNF rye starter at 100% hydration that was retarded for 24 hours.  The dough flour was half Smart and Final unbleached AP from the bins and half High gluten flour from the bins so we ended up with bread flour.

Now doing carrots in the same pan with the rosemary steamed then seared potatoes in butte.

The original recipe was 75% hydration overall but it felt too dry so I upped it to a bit over 78%.  When making a chacon, if you get it too wet the design won’t pop like it should.  We did a 30 minute auto;yse with 1.9% PH sea salt sprinkled on top.

Once everything came together, we did 50 slap and folds to get everything mixed and then did another set of 50 slaps 30 minutes later to get the gluten moving along nicely.  Then we did 3 sets of 4 stretch and folds from the compass points also on 30 minute intervals.  Then, into a plastic covered, oiled, SS bowl for a 16 hour retard in the fridge.

We let it warm up on the counter for an hour before starting the chacon process.  We started with a ball in the middle and then made the rays like a small baguette and then cut them in the middle to get a point at one end and a fatter end that attached to the ball in the middle.  We just eyeballed them.

Goat brie with Colby jack cheese and white peach lunch with this bread today.

Then we shaped the remaining dough into a boule and placed it on top of the design in the bottom of the basket and put it into a plastic grocery shopping bag to proof on the counter for 1.5 hours.  Then we um-molded it onto parchment on a peel and slid it into the 475 F combo cooker, lid on for 18 minutes of steam at 450 F.

Lid off and 16 more minutes of 425 F convection heat to get it to 206.5 F.  We took it out of the bottom of the combo cooker 8 minutes before the bread was finished so the bottom didn’t get too dark and we didn’t bake it to 210 F like normal because the design was getting too dark and we didn’t want it to burn.

Lucy always reminds us to have a great salad with any dine meal.  She did with honey goat cheese, blueberries and heirloom tomatoes this time with the usual cucumber, green onion, carrot, crimini mushroomsshaved fresh Brussels  sprouts, Romaine and iceberg.

We like the way it came out and it does remind us of the Sun and the Summer Solstice.  Have to wait on the crumb though.

It pays to have a good breakfast on bake day the day you can have SD pancakes easy as pie - for Leslie !

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That Lucy is a pistol.  She has been working very hard for weeks on her app to replace every job people do, just like Silicon Valley is doing, thinking they were going to beat her to it and the next thing you know she stopped working on that, thank goodness, and started working on her new even more important app.

This one will make all food be invisible and have no smell.  She was worried that people get hungry and want to eat more food mainly because it looks and smells good and most of us are already too fat and need to back away from the food bag as it is.

She says it is for our own good plus the food we can’t see or smell to eat, that we don’t need in the first place, because we already have too much, can be sent to the starving people of the world who need it and never get to see or smell food in the first place so they won’t miss it like we would.

She thinks it is a huge win win; the fat people of the world will be thinner and the thin people of the world will get fatter and she will get really, really rich somehow and everyone will be happier.   I told her that I would be happier if I could afford to buy better wine because I think I’m going to be drinking a lot more of it as time goes on. 

I went on to say that I would really appreciate it if she would start working on a wine app where all wine was great and was free.  She got pretty upset with me when I also told her that I thought her first app would have made us thinner anyway because, without jobs, none of us could afford to buy food anyway.

Chicken Noodle Veggies and Shiitake soup makes a great lunch on bale day

She reminded me that thin starving people would not get fatter with the first jobs app and it wasn’t a win, win for everyone.  I reminded her that thin starving people couldn’t even find the food to eat it if they couldn’t see or smell it.  After that it started getting nasty so I made her start working on this week’s bread recipe instead.

A mixed fruit and melon breakfast starts of bake day on the right foot

Oddly, there is one of many parallel universes, where everything is exactly the same as this one, you and I are all there, except what we call food is already invisible, has no smell and the people there eat colors instead.  Oddly, the people there are all very fat, you look huge!  there are no thin people at all, but there are no dogs or baking apprentices to be found anywhere either.   Maybe they are eating them too?  We are getting off track here - on to bread and other stuff.

Your Mom made this for you for lunch if she was like my Mom but this one is a fresh Albacore Tuna, colby jack, Swiss, pepper jack and Parmesan cheese an Poblano pepper, bechamel casserole.

This one puffed itself up nice in basket and then sprang well too with lots of little blisters

 It was starting to open at the seams before it went in,

Lucy knew full well that we had plenty of white bread and wanted to do another one after our freaky, friendless fracas of words about her apps just out of spite so I had to set he straight telling her I was working on an app to make all dog food look and taste exactly like bricks – not that the stuff I feed her doesn’t already, so she got the hint and came up with a 50 percenter.

It is a 6 grain 50% whole grain, bran levain bread using our usual spelt, oat, Kamut, rye, red and white wheat with all of the remaining dough flour being LaFama AP.  All of the bran was in the 100% hydration, 7.5% pre-fermented, single stage levain.  When it had risen 75% we retarded it for 24 hours.

When we took it out of the fridge we stirred it down and let it warm up on the counter until it had risen 50% as we autolysed the high extraction and LaFama dough flour for 2 hours on the counter with enough water to get the overall mix to 78% with 2% Kosher salt sprinkled on top.  Then we mixed in the levain and did 100 slap and folds to get the gluten started.

Here it is before it was toasted for bruschetta

We let it sit for an hour before doing another set of 30 slap and folds.  We then did 2 gentler sets of 10 slap and folds and 4 slap and folds on 30 minute intervals and let it again all on 30 minute intervals.  Then we shaped it as a boule and placed it into an oiled SS bowl, covered it in plastic wrap and into the fridge it went for 12 hours of cold retard

We took out this morning, gently removed it from the bowl and immediately pre-shaped it and 10 minutes later final shaped it into a boule.   We forgot to lightly dust the basket so we did plopped the dough into it naked, seam side down…… so we could bake it seam side up un-scored and something different for a change.

Once unmolded onto parchment on a peel and slid into the 500 F combo cooker we spritzed it well, even tough it probably wouldn’t do much for blistering a 50% whole grain bread.  We turned the oven down to 450 F immediately for 20 minutes of steam.  We took the lid off, turned the oven down tp 425 F convection and baked it for 8 more minutes before removing it from the bottom of the combo cooker to let it finish baking on the bottom stone for another 8 minutes. 

At 208.5 F on the inside we called it done enough.  It bloomed sprang and browned up well enough and the blisters were well muted compared to a white bread but there were way more of them for sure. 

It smelled great when the lid came off  and we expect the bread to have a decent crumb perfect for bruschetta later tonight! We were right and the toppings were tasty too with the balsamic glaze and Parmesan to top it off.

Lucy has a salad fettish for sure

This bread came out just liked we had hoped.  Not too open and the perfect platform for bruschetta which was terrific.  This bread is really tasty with 50% whole grains when compared to 20%  and it was even better toasted plus it was still crispy on the outside for a change just a few hours after baking..... it has softened this morning like normal.  The crumb was still soft and moist

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This time it wasn’t just Kamut but 6 different grains that added up to 10% of the grains in this bread but there were other differences ….nearly too many to mention.   Well not too many.  The 6 grains were rye, spelt, oat, red and white wheat plus Kamut.

 The hydration for this loaf was only 72% instead of 75% because all of the dough flour was La Fama AP instead of half being high gluten.  The whole grains were all in the one stage leavin just like before but this time 10% instead if 7.5%.

We did a 30 minute autolyse with the PHSS sprinkled on top like last time.  Instead of doing 300 slap and folds to start we only did 200 with 2 sets of 20 and 10 slaps before switching to 2 sets of stretch and folds from the compass points - all on 30 minute intervals.

IF you ever get a piece of grilled salmon like this - enjoy!

he other difference was that this one was slashed T-Rex style and baked under the lid for 18 minutes and then 16 minutes of dry heat.  This one browned, bloomed and blistered neatly as well as the last one because it too was spritzed before the lid went on and hit the heat at just the right time.

Nice crumb!

These are pretty breads for sure.  But they have to taste as good as they look or they would huge failures but they taste grand.  This one would have to be pretty close to one of our favorite SFSD style breads – if it tastes right.  We will know tomorrow at breakfast.

I tastes great.  The crumb is soft open and moist with that killer crust.  Made great breakfast sandwiches.  Lucy is always pitching her healthy sandwiches.  Floyd to the rescue!

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After last Monday’s bread was puddle mooshed and refused to spring making ciabatta into sandwich thins, Lucy wasn’t going to have another failure if she could help it so she took another route with a similar recipe to make sue she got a nice loaf of bread this time.

She has been working hard, for some time now, to develop her app to replace all human jobs and she is not happy about it one little bit.  So far, she figures she can only replace 40% of all jobs over the next 10 years and this is driving her crazy. 

I reminded her that probably 50% of people still want to work so wiping put 40% of the jobs was a huge step in the right direction for the 50% that don’t want to work anyway.  I told her there had to be other people working on this and they could handle the other 10% no problem. 

She said that just wasn’t good enough and that all humans had to be unemployed before she would be happy.  I told her that half the folks would love her forever and the other half will be looking very hard for her to pay her back for ruining their lives forever…..and that wouldn’t end pretty.

She is not giving up though and will keep working to make half the world happy and piss off the other half – probably about the best one can do … that I think about it.  Lucy figures half the world is already pissed off but only 10% are happy so making another 40% happy is quite an improvement for mankind – she might be right about that.

Her recipe for Friday’s bake was also spot on for a huge change from Monday.  This is a big loaf of bread – over 1,255 g baked weight.  It is about twice as big as our normal loaf.  This one is twice as white too but only has half the levain at 7% pre-fermented flour.  The levain was a single stage whole grain Kamut one at 80% hydration for other huge changes plus that only used 5 g of NMNF starter to set it off.

You would think after being a baking apprentice for many years Lucy would know how to shape a loaf of bread!  She will probably never make it to a first class baking apprentice.

All of the whole grains were in the levain with the rest of the flour being half Smart and Final high gluten and the other half LaFama AP. to approximate sine kind if bread flour.  We backed off the hydration to 75% too.  It was still wet but easy enough for us to handle.  We autolyzed the white patent dough flour for half and hour with the pink Himalayan sea salt sprinkled on top.

Even though the Kamut was small you can see the yellow tinge.

Once the levain hit the mix we did 300 slap and folds right off the bat. Going way back years to an earlier process and about 10 times our usual overall amount we usually use today.  Then we did 2 sets of 50 sla[ and folds and 2 sets of 4 stretch and folds from the compass points – all on 30 minute intervals.  Then we let it rest for half and hour before shaping it into a huge boule.

Once you got away from the very center the two large holes were replaced with a better looking crumb for sure  Whew!

2 hours later into the hot 500 F DO it went after being slashed hop scotch style and then spritzed with water.  If you spritz white bread well before it goes into the steam environment, it will blister like crazy just like this one did.  It doesn’t work as well for whole grain breads for some reason but it always works for white ones.


So camera shy.

When the DO went in, we turned the oven down to 450 F and steamed the bread for 20 minutes.  The lid came off, the temperature went down to 425 F convection and we baked it for another 16 minutes until it browned up well.  It sprang and bloomed exceptionally, became as crispy as can be and hit 210 F on the inside.

Can’t wait to inside of this one.  With the outside looking so good we expect the inside to be the same.  See ya tomorrow morning after breakfast toast. My wife said 'This is really good bread'  It made some great toast for sure.  We were transported right to San Francisco by the bread that made the city famous and we didn't have ti dodge all the homeless beggars and used heroin needles on the ground - a triple yea!

This bread goes perfectly with Shrimp. Andouille Sausage and Chicken Gumbo - Just killer!

I tried to get a Navajo weaver to make me this rug in 1999 but they weren't that willing and I couldn't afford it. I still want one though and the Navajo need to get their designs into the 21st century.  Tradition is one of the 3 things that can just kill you! along with fear and ego!


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