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93% Wholegrain Ciabatta w/ White Wheat and Spelt

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93% Wholegrain Ciabatta w/ White Wheat and Spelt

So I just keep on baking and we are back to whole grains.  Really wanted to make a wholegrain ciabatta and just sorta winged it together and built a Levain off of my White Seed.  A few changes might make this a bit more simplified but I'll write as i did (which was a bit whacky) and follow with a few changes.  

Total Flour: 1075 : 500 Hard White Wheat (46.5%) 500 Whole Spelt (46.5%), 75 White Bread Flour (7%)

Total H20:  925 + 28 (roughly used during folds) 88.6% hydration

Total Dough:  2040   (4 @ 510 g)

Levain: 76degF
150 g White Starter
150 g White Wheat
150 g Spelt
300 g h20
4 hours

350 White Wheat
350 Whole Spelt
550 H20
20 g Agave
20 g Salt


1)  Autolyse 1 hour (hold back 10% of water. 

2)  Add levain, honey, and salt and squeeze through fingers until dough is well blended.  

3)  3 sets of slap and folds.  Each until dough just starts to resist.  These were quick as i wanted to be gentle on the spelt.  After each set I carefully rounded the dough similar to preshaping.  Rest 10 minutes,  Repeat two times.

4)  At this stage I felt my dough was dry for a ciabatta and added more liquid which is now the 10% held back.

5)  Squeeze through fingers until dough comes back.  Rest 30 minutes.  stretch and fold. rest 30 minutes stretch and fold. rest 30 minutes.  At this stage the dough was active and nearly doubled.  It was still a bit soft but I had a plan.

6)  turn out on heavily floured table and flour the top of the dough (It is very sticky).  Scale out at 500 g and then stretch lightly into a rectangle and gives  a letter fold and on floured table.  Cover and let rest 15 minutes.

7)  Using a sifter liberally dust couhe or cloth with spelt flour.  Take shape and stretch again and give another fold.  square off and place on couche.  Let proof 30 minutes.

8)  Carefully turn over and stretch to a long rectangle and place on semolina dusted peel.  

9)  Bake at 500 with steam for 7 minutes.  Continue baking for 20 minutes rotating as needed. 

cool on rack. 


Happy Baking




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Wow...all that grain and holes the idea of the gentle letter folds . Worked a charm. c

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My thought exactly: amazing crumb considering all the whole grain flour you used.  Well done!

dabrownman's picture

Empress Ying a run for her money with those holes in a whole grain baguette.  Just  beautiful work Josh

pmccool's picture

93% whole grain and ciabatta just don't seem like they could exist in the same sentence, much less in the same bread, but you've done it!  And done it well, too!  Excellent dough handling.


golgi70's picture

As always.  Highly suggest this one as its delicious.  Not the fluffy white ciabatta we are all used to and in love with.  But it packs a great punch of flavor and has a really nice bite.



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What an excellent crumb.  I have yet to achieve a ciabatta crumb like that with 100% wheat flour!  Nice bake.  Brian

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The perfect Whole grain Ciabatta, Josh, you nailed it.

Well done.


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Great looking bread Josh.  All you need is some good olive oil and maybe some fresh cheese and you are set.