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Bread Machine Blade gets stuck in the Bread

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Bread Machine Blade gets stuck in the Bread

This is not a big deal, but it is mildly annoying.


When I finish making a bread, I hold the Bread Pan upside down and shake the Bread out.  99% of the time,  the Blade is embedded in the bottom of the bread.  I have to wait a minute for the Bread to cool down, then cut it out with a knife.

Is this common?


Is there some way to avoid this?




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You could try  lifting the dough and reshaping it during the final rise and then placing it gently back into the dough/bread container without it pressing into the blades.  Usually the problem is the blades sticking in the pan and nothing comes out...the blades and blot should be greased with some crisco to help prevent sticking.


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Back when I used a bread machine, I got fed up with the sticking blade and big hole it left in my bread.  The blade was removable, so I'd dump the dough out at the final rise, remove the blade from the machine, then replace the dough.  This left just the post hole in the bread. 

Since I never liked the shape of my bread machine loaf anyway, this extra work quickly led to me baking the dough in my own pan in the oven.  I got rid of my bread machine a few years back, but I credit it with teaching me the basics of bread baking.


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There was a discussion about this on another forum that I belong to. Some of the replies a bit flippant, but some common sense too:


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Depending on the design of your bread machine, if you can take the dough ball out for final shaping, you may be able to remove the blade when you do so.

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If it gets to cool it tends to stick more...becareful and use oven mits...and shake the pan "vigorously"... I found leaving it in the pan to long makes a big difference in how much it can thing to do is use your dough cycle just bake it in the oven for all around much much better results.