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hypothetical question...

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hypothetical question...

So let's say you have some leftover bread.  Some bread that is going stale, about to go off, what-have-you. 

What's your favourite thing to do with it to keep from tossing it?  Pudding?  Bread crumbs?  Freezer for something else?  Toasting is always an option but what else?

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In descending order of preference: French toast, bread pudding, stuffing, duck food, mallet.

Eli's picture

Bread pudding, french toast, croutons, use it as a coating.

Think that is about it


dmsnyder's picture

Freeze it and use it for altus.

Otherwise, croutons for salad, croutons for onion soup, bread crumbs, garlic bread.


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Wisecarver (not verified)

Slice semi thick, butter it on both sides...
Place a slice of fresh cheese on top and bake in 400 degree oven for 6-10 mins.
Mmmmmmm stale bread can make the best tasting Pasta compliments.

Marni's picture

I usually make stuffing with stale bread, but I must remember the mallet  idea.  easier than searching for a hammer...


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I love making a panade with stale bread. Something along these lines: .


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I just feed mine to the birds, squirrels, raccoons, and deer.

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I put some very good olive oil on a slice and some Italian herbs with a sprinkling of salt /pepper...delicious!

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I make a savory bread pudding.  Layer bread, some nice leftover saucy stuff like spag sauce or maybe some tinned salmon and some appropriate cheese and then pour over some seasoned milk and egg mix. Let it soak for a half hour or so and then bake like a regular sweet bread pudding. I never have enough stale bread!


claudio's picture

I make a "torta di pane", traditional Swiss-Italian stale bread cake.

Soak the bread (in pieces) in lukewarm milk overnight, then add cocoa and chocolate powder, an egg, sultanas, candied peel/fruits, ground almonds, zest of a lemon, sugar, a touch of vanilla essence, and a nice shot of grappa (if available). Scatter with pinenuts and bake at 200 celsius (around 400F) for at least an hour. The cake should come out slightly crunchy on the outside and nice and moist inside.

I haven't given any quantities because it all depends on the amount of bread you have and your personal taste (personally I prefer it not so sweet, but i can be quite generous with the chocolate and grappa!). It's baked in a round springform. And, of course, you can add anything else you fancy, like crumbled amaretti biscuits.


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Cheese Fondue..



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what about a croute au fromage?

I couldn't live withour bread, cheese and chocolate. And wine.