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Leader's Ciabatta

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Leader's Ciabatta

I've baked a few breads from Daniel Leader's book- "Local Breads" and they all came out wonderful.   I must say theye were all sourdough so yesterday I tried to bake his ciabatta wich uses instant yeast instead. The dough is about 80% water but yet' easy to handel because of the serious gluten developing. I kneaded the dough a little less and gave it a fold one hour into fermentation. The dough rose beautifully' tripling his size. I made six medium-sized loaves instead of 2 large ones.    


Ciabatta's crumb

The crumb was open with nice big holes on it. FLavorwise, it had a nice clean taste to it. Next time I will retard it overnight or maybe bale some sourdough ciabatta to get it a little more tangy.