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a bit off topic but we have been talking "apples'

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a bit off topic but we have been talking "apples'


 excuse my ignorance, but what does one use apple butter for????

I have never made it or tried it, it looks a bit like a sort of jam, but wouldn't one just use jam.


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Yes it's a jam or spread.  There are also pumpkin butters.  Neither of these contains any butter but taste great with butter on toast!  Both are good on pancakes or english muffins too.


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And don't forget peach butter and pear butter.

In addition to using on hot buttered toast, not too shabby poured over icecream, either.


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if you know lekvar it is the apple version

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Lekvar -that's my favorite hamantashen.

If you don't know lekvar, it's prune butter.  ( or dried plum now)


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Both Marni and Old Camp Cook are correct. You can use it as a replacement for applesauce, bake cookies or muffins with it, and I think makes a good (and interesting) peanut butter sandwich. It's fabulous on waffles, ice cream, french toast, oatmeal, or my favorite: a spoon. :)

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Like everyone else has said before it is just great.

Making it the old fashioned way can be a nightmare though. A friend of mine said when she made it years ago she had to cook the apples for about a few days and which would mean that any wallpaper on the kitchen walls would start peeling off too! She had an apple store until recently and could afford to make a lot, I never got exact numbers but what I got was that a bushel of apples would yield under half that amount.

I'm curious about making my own, after I try making stout from scratch first!

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You can make a great apple butter in your crockpot...real simple and makes it perfect!  I made a challah bread filled with apple butter...also can be used for basting..ham ect....I use it for mostly for toast and gifts!