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Floyd, while you're at it...?

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Floyd, while you're at it...?

The other day I was on here looking for info on scales and thermometers.  I remembered dougal and wildyeastsusan (I think) talking about the scales and ehanner talking about his infrared gun.  Well, I was thinking.  You know how iTunes has 'celebrity playlists'?  How about a place where there could be set categories like:
Howards favorite equipment:
loaf pans:
scoring knife:
and that sort of thing

Then if I want to see what he uses or dmsnyder uses, it would be real easy.  People that have been members for more than 6 months (or whatever) would be able to have a 'playlist' for others to look at.  Each item could just have the brand name, plus a one sentence description.  Maybe one of the tabs up there could be for this section, then when you click on the tab, you'd see each person's thumbnail. Click on that and get their 'favorites'.  Just an idea that I know is a lot more difficult than it sounds.


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Right... I'm trying to think of the best or easiest ways to do that. 

One thing I could do pretty quickly would be to add another tab on people's profiles.  Like right now I have "Favorite Baking Books", but I could expand that out into something much larger, with a whole tab for favorite gear (or maybe just "My Gear").  While I'm at it, I should also add favorite bakeries to people's profiles.   

Would that do it?

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and I am very thankful too! You make all this wonderful information available to us, and we put very little thought into how hard you work at it. It took me 10 minutes to figure out how to post a linc for the KA sale email sad! Thanks Floydm for all you do!


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Hey Audra, your not alone out there!! since joining TFL...I've learned some things not only about baking bread but about my how to take it out of the box and put it to to get images from it and put them on a web some extent...I know I could get a lot clearer images...but that requires more time for reading directions...I'm getting there!!   Right now I'm looking at a box of CD disks....can't be that hard!! Or would I rather be baking!  I read your post and got an e-mail from KA...thanks for the reminder...I ordered some nice goodies.

Happy Holidays! and keep up the good work, Sylvia

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And since it was my suggestion, I guess I should fill out my profile too, huh?


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Ok, if you go into your profile you can now add info about your gear.  Any other fields you can think of that'd be useful there?

The layout of the profile page is pretty lame.  I'll see if I can spend some time making it nicer looking soon.  It's not going to be Facebook or anything, but a little more appeal profiles would be nice.

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Good heavens, Floyd, when do you find time to eat, sleep & breathe,let alone be a husband & father & earn a living? We all owe you so much for your initiatve & hard work in starting & maintaining this site & still you're willing to do more! I am in awe & so grateful for this great site & all the people who contribute to it.


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Thank you (and Audra and Syliva) for the kind words. 

Happily for me, my "job" here is getting easier since the folks here keep making incredible posts and answering each other's questions.  Because of that, I spend a lot less time fretting about the content and pouring over baking books to try to answer people's questions than in the past.  It also means I have more energy to spend on making the technology better serve the community here.

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Hi, Floyd.

As some one who posts fairly often and tries to be of help to new members, all your work on the technology sure makes it easier and more fun to play the other roles.



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Absolutely, you've been a tremendous help.  So thank you.