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how do i make a bread bowl out using my regular sandwich bread dough?

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how do i make a bread bowl out using my regular sandwich bread dough?

I am wanting to make some bread bowls for homemade potato soup.

I use a regualr white sandwich recipe.  Let it rise for 30 minutes, then fold, then let it double again, shape and let it rise then bake.


at what point would i form teh dough for bread bowls, and if i do, will i need to let it rise that last rise before baking?

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Hi, Cara

I'm an absolute novice at bread baking, but I did used to cook in several nice restaraunts and we used already cooked break for bowls.  Hollow out the core and use the bread you remove for croutons later.  That would avoid having to shape them while they're rising -- if that's an option for you.

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Will your regular bread dough stand up to making a boule and just shaping or will you need to place it in a form container, e.g., brotform, you can make one using small bowls or colanders lined with a smooth dish towel floured, allow the boules to rise in them and then bake. You will have to make a peel out of something to turn the boules onto once they have risen to get them into the oven either on a baking stone or the back of a cookie sheet. The cookie sheet way will also eliminate the use for a peel You can just flip the lined bowl with the bread directly on the floured cookie sheet and bake it there. You will need to flour the cookie sheet or use some corn meal to keep the loaf from sticking but be careful not to slide it off.

Hope that helps if you have anything further please let us know.