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Greetings from the Big Apple

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Greetings from the Big Apple

Hi there, everyone.


Like others, it seems  that I have been lurking and soaking up info here for awhile without actually logging on, so I'm taking the plunge, partly out of desperation.


I'm having a real hard time getting a certain sourdough loaf going, and I'll post the details in the appropriate forum, with the hope that someone can shed some light on my problem.


Meanwhile, just wanted to say hello, and, if anyone can pitch the absolute perfect, fool proof (for fools like me!) whole wheat sourdough sandwich bread, I would be thrilled.







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Glad to have you at TFL, Sam, where there's an international cast of bread characters who will be delighted to be of assistance.

Sorry I can't help you with the whole wheat sourdough, but if you use the TFL search function using "whole wheat sourdough," you'll find about ten pages of hits.

I used to live on First and 86th. Still miss the city (but not the prices).