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Traveling starter

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Traveling starter

Here's a tip to save that starter and take it with you or store it for another day when you need a break or don't want to throw it away.

This comes from a dedicated group of Austrian Ladies who travel a lot and bake bread.

Mix enough flour with the starter to form a stiff dough. Tear up into tiny pieces and squish between your thumb and finger to form thin small chips, let air dry, seal in glass jar or ziplocks. Send on holiday in a dark cool place. When needed add water to soak overnight and then feed to continue a new starter.

Once started, it never has to stop....happy baking! €:) Mini Oven


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You can also just take the starter as is, spread it out as thin as possible on waxed paper or parchment or plastic wrap and let dry. Crumble and wrap in foil and then in a plastic zipper bag. Refrigerated, this keeps for at least six months. I have some in the fridge at all times as a reserve, in the event that I do something terrible to my working starters. And I have.

This is also easy to mail or share with others.