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Sourdough and Chemotherapy

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Sourdough and Chemotherapy

An odd question....

I have a relative who is coming to visit who is undergoing chemotherapy.  Their white blood cell count is very very low, but they might be coming anyway.  Is there any risk to them with the sourdough cultures I have on my counter OR me working the sourdough and making bread?


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Any germs dangerous to your relative will come from the people, not the sourdough. Carry on kneading!


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I actually let my starter die last year when I got chemo, but that was because of the time and care involved, not the bacteria. I ate Thanksgiving dinner that my boyfriend bought at Boston Market when my white cell count was really low. Your sourdough couldn't be worse than that!

I would think that the relative being in your house (different environment) and around other people would be way more risky (or equally risky) than the sourdough. The sourdough would not be adding anything especially nasty to that risk.

Just be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before touching him/her.