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Hello from MA.
I'm new here and have been baking bread (and everything else) for my family and friends for over 30 years. Baking bread is a fun and fascinating process. There is always so much more to learn, new ingredients to try and methods & skills to improve upon. What other baking venue offers such artistic expression? Even if the results turn out to be less than expected...the local birds and squirrels benefit.
lately, I've been using flat, room temperature, dark wheat beer in the sponge or preferment for rye bread. I'd appreciate any advise, especially concerning the timing.

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Hello Strega, and welcome to TFL!

We're almost neighbors. I live in CT.

I've never used flat beer in baking bread, but it sounds like a natural combination. I don't know if it would alter the timing much from a water-based (or buttermilk-based) preferment.

I would use the sponge or preferment soon after it peaks, or I would refrigerate it and use the next morning.

Glad you're on board!
Soundman (David)