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dough not having first rise

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dough not having first rise

Hello!  I began making my own yeast breads this summer when it was nice and warm and humid. I am pretty good at making a sandwich loaf but have been struggling to make dinner rolls.  I am getting off topic - I am trying to make a batch of dinner rolls but my dough has not made the first rise.  It has been sitting in my oven for approximately two hours now.  I am sure it is a combination of temperature (cold kitchen) and my inexperienced kneading technique. 

 My question really is this:  can one save a batch of dough that has not undergone the first rise and how?  Or, should one abandon the dough (find a new use for the dough?) and just make a new batch of dough for baking?

 Thanks very much for your insights.

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Well, you could try kneeding in some additional instant (specifically instant, active dry won't work) yeast and reforming the rolls.

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I think I will try this.  Do you think it is okay to refrigerate the dough or should I leave it out until I can get my hands on instant yeast?  For now I am leaving it in the oven for lack of a better thing to do with it. (I don't have my car at the moment - it is in for service.)

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Mini Oven

In fact it just might help the dough.  If the kitchen is cool, it could easily stand 14  hours without any problems.  If you want to deal with it tomorrow, then park it into the fridge overnight.  Mix in the aquired instant yeast while warming it up with your hands.  I would add a tablespoons of water to the yeast first before adding just to be sure it blends well.  

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