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KitchenAid ProHD (Costco) sale

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KitchenAid ProHD (Costco) sale

Just a heads-up.  If you're in the market for a new mixer and you like the Kitchen Aid style, Costco will be having their Professional HD version on sale from November 28-30.  It's the 475 watt (5 quart) one that was discussed here a little while back and the one I'm using for the poolish in the Ciabatta Video.  It comes in 4 colors and the $50 COUPON drops the price from $279 to $229, not bad if you like that style.  There's been plenty of discussion on here about what mixers work best for which doughs, so if you're unsure if it would work for you, I'd search around here first.  Personally, I only use mine with the flat beater (paddle) attachment for batters, starters, fillings, and that sort of thing, but that's just me.
Oh, and you can get 2 mixers per coupon, plus I'm pretty sure if you don't have the coupon booklet you can pick one up at their customer service section of the store.