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Sourdough CPR

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Sourdough CPR

I knew one of these days I was going to do it... Sure enough, this morning I did it: I forgot to hold back some of my starter.

Last night, as usual, I pulled my starter out of the refrigerator, fed it, and left it out in a cupboard overnight. This morning I put together a batch of dough and dumped all of my starter into the bowl. About five minutes later I realized what I had done and thought "Doh!" Or, perhaps because I was baking, it was "Dough!" I exclaimed.

Anyway, I dug through my baking books and it looks hope is not lost. Even though my dough had some olive oil, honey, and salt in it, I took a fistful out of the batch of bread I was baking, fed it another cup of flour and cup of water, and set it aside. I am seeing signs of life, and aside from a slight olive oil smell it seems like my starter will live to bake another batch of bread.

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and I just fed mine and mixed it with a stainless spoon!
it's fine. I think this stuff is not as fragile as most would have you believe. I've even left it out for two days after feeding before using it. just feed it a little more ... and poof! up it bubbles again. looks like mount st helens ...

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Nice job for your first try, Claude and Anna.  I'm sure they will have a wonderful taste.

You might try scoring more vertically rather than horizontally across the baguette. David Snyder did a wonderful tutorial on scoring.

You can read it here

I hope you find it as helpful as I did.