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pain de campagne

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pain de campagne

so i just bought daniel leaders local breads and am in love with it i made the pain de campagne it came out pretty good ive been searching for a recipe without the help of dry yeast and it did not dissapoint me heres the pics i hope you like them

pain de campagnepain de campagne

when i make it again im going to score it alot differently

pain de campage 2pain de campage 2

pain de campagne 3pain de campagne

pain de campagne 4pain de campagne 4

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Hi there:
Beautiful bread! I'm so glad that you like "Local Breads". It is one of my very favorite books, and the pain de campagne is one of my regular loaves now. I finally figured out how to attach pictures! So here is one of my Pain de Campagne loaves, as well as the Altamura Bread (formula also from Leader).
pain de campagne crumbpain de campagne
pain de campagnepain de campagne crumb
altamura breadaltamura bread
altamura crumbaltamura crumb
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I saw the pain de campagne photo before I saw this thread. Really lovely looking bread, both loaves. Scoring = A+++.

I don't have Local Breads, I have Bread Alone. Now I want the later book as well!

Soundman (David)

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i really like the crust on your campagne i really like the rustic look on breads and the altamura looks great im doing the filone right now its on the rise so i will post that later today when its done thanks for the complimeent

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beautiful loaves, crumb & crust. I've been a bit put off by amount of errors I've heard the book has, but I am always impressed with the results I've seen. These loaves tempt me to purchase the book.


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I've been wondering which recipe to make first, and I think I know now.  Thanks!