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Do I have to use a loaf pan?

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Do I have to use a loaf pan?

I am making cinnamon raisin bread for the first time.  the rolled kind.  Anyway, do I have to put it in a pan?  I am kind of partial to the freeform loafs.

If i can just shape and bake, will i need to lessen the baking time?

One of these days I will get all this down and stop bugging you guys.


(on a good note my stinky starter stopped stinking.  The other is still just a big lump of water and flour.....hopefully it'll take off)

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I don't see why you would have to.  If the hydration is too high it may not rise as high as you want but other than that I see no reason why you have to put it in a loaf pan.  Try it and see what you think.  I don't think you will need to lessen the baking time either.  I would check it at the minimum time suggested.  The baking time will depend more on the oven than the pan.  These are my thoughts.  See if some of the others who have been around longer have more input.