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Newbe . help making bread

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Newbe . help making bread

Newbe here. I want to start making homemade breads. Bought a bread maker and they come out OK. I recently went out and bought a loaf pan 4 X 4 1/2 X 16 and want to make sandwich bread. I looked around the forum but there are lots of recipes. Not sure what to use. I want to make both white and whole wheat, and once I master those, I will go to others. Any help would be appreciated. Please excuse the ignorance for this is my first time making breads.


Thanks in advance

Jorge S.

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 Hello. Welcome to the joys of baking bread. In terms of which breads to make, aside from starting simple, maybe also start with breads you are familiar with and you know you like.  For example, if you know you like sourdough, then try to make it.

Another example, I know I don't like pumpernickle, so I'm not going to bother making it. Furthermore, I wouldn't bother making it to give away because I don't know anyone who does like it. So I bake what I like and what I know I'll eat.

So I guess my point is, make what you like. If it doesn't turn out right the first time, try again. 

In any case, good luck. 

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Links to 2 recipies for enriched (mostly) white sandwich bread - these are from this TFL post dated Jun 2007
Cornell bread recipe
a picture of Cornell bread posted to TFL

Soy Honey White Bread recipe
a picture of Soy Honey bread posted to TFL

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Anyone have a recipe for a 16 inch loaf pan? Looking for whole wheat sandwich bread.