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semolina bread

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semolina bread

so ive been messing with a semolina recipe from the la brea bakery wich btw was not good at all the weights flour to water ratio was completely off so i decided to try and tweak the recipe to make a semolina loaf that actually has semolina and no white flour in it (used to lighten the crumb and texture) and ive been through at least a half dozen test batches and ended up with this although im still not completely happy with it i think its progress towards the direction im wanting to go


the flash from my camera is hiding the great yellow color in the bread but the crumb is a little too tight still it did make a beautifully soft moist bread which im happy with but i think the interior can be a little looser any ideas on how i can fix this problem the flavor is great also and here is the crumb pics any ideas or suggestion would be great

semolina crumbsemolina crumb

it is a combination of duruhm and semolina flour i tried using more semolina than duruhm but i found it to be too gritty when eating it i think insted of using a white sd starter i might try making a sponge using duruhm there is a recipe in amy's bread bible that uses a duruhm sponge that works really well but one thing at a time ok thanks any feed back would be great the breads weigh about 1.25# each

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Your bread looks great and I bet it tastes good too. I love semolina bread and make it often.


I don't think you need a more open crumb with semolina, I think it's usually a dense but soft crumb unless it has a lot of white flour added. You might want to type Semolina Sandwich Loaf in the SEARCH and take a look at zolablue's semolina loaf that is made with 100% durum flour. You'll see it's a tight, soft, moist crumb. I make this often and love it.


I like the looks of your free form loaves and might try that next time.




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Mary Jane D. Toribio

sir did you use any shortening like lard, margarine, oil or butter?if not you can add some bec it adds tenderness to the crumbs. u can add sugar also to add more softness and moisture to the dough.hope it will help.may i also  the hydration of this bread.happy baking!