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baking in the 1940

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baking in the 1940

its good to know that woman in baking in the 1940 could use there small fingers for putting icing on cakes but were mostly good for sales persons!

watch and enjoy

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Ye gods and little fishes!  Fascinating though.  So we women couldn't bake back then, eh?  Only good for selling the stuff that the men made.

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I loved this.  It's great to see how things have changed.  I grew up when girls were told they could do anything.  This looks like the kind of movie the high school kids were shown on a career day.  What a difference.


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To the Bad Old Days.

When my official job title at my first "real" job was (and I'm not kidding) "Time Study Man."

Yes, they told me that I probably didn't have the intellectual capacity to be an engineer.

And yet, I are one....

Thanks, Norm, for this "blast" from the past.

Happy Baking!

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Especially those official job titles..panner, racker, oven man. Oh, to think I wouldn't have to worry my pretty little head over managing finances.. I mean how could I handle anything so difficult. Hahaha this was really fun to watch. Thanks Norm!

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A blast from the past

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did anyone see that in the bakery the sale was for 12 cents for a loaf of bread!

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That was incredible! Wow, we women seem pretty useless... but hey, we've come a long way. I did get a backache kneading a 3kilo dough the other day, though.... oh, but right, there are electric mixers!!!! Ha ha ha!

So, people only eat wonder bread in America? ;-) 

Very educational. Thanks Norm.


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Hey, Al Jolson said: "I wanna be a jazz singer"...Well, after seeing this film, I wanna be a "RACKER".  Forget about this Artisan stuff---Dunwoody Institute, here I come! 

Great video, Norm, thanks for sharing.


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Mini Oven

Thanks Norm. 

After seeing the video, I could picture us all working in a virtual bakery.  (In Black & White too!)  Yes, Howard, you can be first to be the "Racker."  Gosh wouldn't that be interesting?  One day we could all be together on a Fresh Loafian Holo Deck. 

Mini O