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But I hadn't planned on it!!

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But I hadn't planned on it!!

So we aren't the richest people in the world, we aren't poor either, but I have to budget for the toys I want, right? Who doesn't these days. I've been wanting some computer parts for a new PC for a while now and have been saving for them... Today at lunch I walked into the bookstore with some time to kill and walked out with their only copy of "The Breadmaker's Apprentice". Ouch, most of $40. I guess that new video card will have to wait until next payday, eh? :)


However, wow, just wow. I've only read portions of it (getting ready to settle into a comfy chair with some scotch and the book) but already I can tell it's awesome. I just need more time in the day to work his recipes. Man, they look awesome.


Pics, blog posts, and thoughts to come! Thanks all for recommending this incredible book. I wouldn't have even looked at it without all the great praise I've read on these boards.

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That, my friend is probably the best book buy you have ever made.  We are talking about "Peter Reinhart's Bread Bakers Apprentice", no?  If so, you have just placed yourself on an incredible quest for great bread.  Let me know if I can help.  Read the whole book before baking.


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Great choice!  And all that bending, kneading, mixing, and moving around as you bake from the BBA will give you much more physical and mental exercise than sitting on your butt playing a computer game! 

Sheesh, I haven't fired up the Elder Scrolls since I started baking bread last year.  :-)

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Been reading the book and it's awesome. I hate cookbooks that are merely collections of recipes. Talk to me about the recipe, why is it that way, what history does it have, why THOSE ingredients. Peter does all of that in this book and I'm loving it.


Have a sourdough pre-ferment and french baguette patite in the fridge now. Gonna be some bread in the house tomorrow!