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Daniel's Rustic Bread

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Daniel's Rustic Bread

Has anyone purchased or watched the DVD on site? The DVDs are performed by baker Sam Sidawi and if you buy two you get a bakers couche and couche basket. I came across this site because I need a bakers couche and was looking for a cheap one.

Interested to know if anyone has any thoughts on the DVDs.




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Don't know about this video but I have purchased 2 of King Arthur's videos (available on their website), both of which are excellent. 

The Bakers Forum - Artisan Breads Volume I - with K.A. baker Michael Jubinsky

Ciril Hitz Presents Simplified Bread Baking; Baguette to Pretzel (demos for: Baguettes, Challah, Pretzels, Foccacia, Whole Wheat Breads and Bagels)