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Greetings from Maine

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Greetings from Maine

Hello there. I've been poking around this site for months, looking at all the wonderful information, recipes and photos. I have been making quick breads, cookies, pies and pasties most of my life and grew up cooking all sorts of things, but never made yeast breads. However, I've been missing the great breads I used to get back in California, and I'm tired of the store-bought white bread my boyfriend instists on using, so since I finally have a kitchen to use, I've taken the plunge and am on my second loaf of home-made hand-made bread, hopefully with many more to come. I look foreward to trying some of the delicious-looking recipes on this site and learning so much more as I go.


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Great to hear that you've surfaced on TFL and decided that you need to do something to improve a seeminly small but important part of life - hand baked daily bread.  Beware that this activity can become very habit forming...,


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Welcome to TFL, femlow!

Strange isn't it, how exciting creating a loaf of bread can be?

(I happen to be eating a piece of home-made whole wheat sourdough as I write this, and there's no way I could ever go back to store-bought.)

Where in Maine do you live?

I look forward to seeing your baking progress on these pages!

Soundman (David)

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Welcome to the site! I'm with Wildyeast on this; beware of the habit-forming aspect of this activity. Especially here, where good artisanal breads are hard to come by (unless you live near Portland, in which case you might want to check out the Standard Baking Co., though that shouldn't stop you from baking!).